Review: Why I Held Your Hand

Expected publication: October 23rd 2020

Author: Augusta Reilly

Overview from the Author’s Site:

Laura Delaney loves her small mountain hometown of North Powell with its quaint charm, stately Victorian homes and surrounding hiking trails. Unfortunately, when it comes to attracting travel dollars, it can no longer compete with the flashy hot springs and ski slopes of nearby competitors. 

That’s why she hires a hotshot marketing team to figure out how to inject the old magic back into North Powell’s sagging tourist trade. What she doesn’t expect is for the team to include David Harper. Smart, funny, handsome, and amazing in bed, he’s the perfect man. All she needs to do now is keep their relationship under wraps until the project is over. 

But that’s easier said than done when she’s assigned to work with Spence Markham, the company’s offbeat “idea man” and David’s professional nemesis. When Spence suggests hosting a Dickens Festival to revitalize the town’s once-booming holiday season, Laura is thrilled. She’s even more thrilled when Spence falls in love with Powell House, the dilapidated Victorian that Laura hopes to renovate and turn into a town museum. But is Spence falling in love with her as well?

As the Festival nears, Laura’s feelings for both men intensify. Her relationship with David has only gotten better—and hotter—and yet she finds herself counting down the days until she can see Spence again. Soon, what started as a simple assignment becomes a tale of two possible futures. But which one will Laura choose? 

Personal Review

Why I Held Your Hand is a novel centered around a woman and her determination to save her town’s tourism market and bring more revenue overall. She gets caught in a love triangle while working with the marketing team at KPS Marketing.

Laura Delaney enlists herself to save her small village hometown, North Powell. Not only is she is the volunteer Director of Economic Development for her town, but she also owns her own store called Creations by Laura.  She is a determined 27 year old woman to increase revenue for North Powell and make it a vacation destination without sacrificing what makes it special.  Not only is she working on improving tourism, she also is working on trying to restore one of the prominent Victorian historical houses in town, Powell House.  She’s an interesting character who has a lot of passion to make her fun to read about. One aspect that puzzled me about her is that she is a five foot one smaller frame individual with a size 34D chest. To me, I had a hard time understanding how she hasn’t developed some back pain at this point (haha). It didn’t affect the story and instead just made me very curious.

Her marketing team at KPS consists of three men – two of which are eligible. First, there is the VP of Strategy, James Murphy. Then, there is the Project Manager, David Harper. Finally, there is Spencer Markham, the Director of Creative Services. Each member of her marketing team works together with Laura to improve North Powell.

Laura begins a secret romance with one of the members of her marketing team (secret to KPS at least) and soon finds herself having feelings for another member. Torn between the one she’s already with and the one she begins thinking about, she finds herself in a surprise love triangle. You’ll need to read the novel though to figure out who she chooses.

The love triangle was a fun and interesting storyline and the writing keeps you interested to see if your initial guess of her final choice is going to be the correct one. There were some moments that definitely crossed the line while she is exploring her feelings for both men, but enough moments that were more meaningful helped to outweigh the negative.

Overall, this novel was a fun and quick read. Love triangles are always difficult because you always end up clearly favoring one choice over another. In this case, I could see positives and negatives for why they were the right choice for Laura. The story starts in June and ends towards New Year’s Day and the author does well navigating the timeline while keeping a good pace.  The characters are interesting and I enjoyed reading their story. I would definitely recommend this novel to others!

**Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for my ARC. My review is voluntary and the opinions expressed are completely my own.**

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