Review: A Holiday Lift

Published November 24th 2020, 71 pages

Author: Corinne Michaels

All I want for Christmas… is to pretend the holidays do not exist.
That should be my tagline for life.
Another year with no one to kiss under the mistletoe.
Of course, it doesn’t help that after my last epic breakup, I hopped into the sack with the one man I should’ve avoided.
My arch-rival, Dean Pritchard.
Despite the fact that he didn’t bother calling after our night together, I can’t get him out of my head.
I am so on the naughty list.
But when a snowstorm traps us in an elevator, I can’t avoid my work crush any longer.
Will Dean be the lift I’ve needed for the holidays, or will Santa skip me yet again? 

A happy ever after ending followed by a look into the future for what happens after! This novella is a super short read that’s perfect for anyone who loves sugar coated heart-warming reading that will give you all the feels on a time crunch. Our story takes place as the couple gets together and continues in their ever after two years later to see what is going on after the initial story ended. As it is a novella, don’t go into it expecting to fully relate to everything that happens or to the background of the story. The author sets up pieces of each character’s past and how they got to the opening scene, but it doesn’t go in to depth.

We meet our main couple, Holly and Dean, when they get stuck together on an elevator while at the office. The two of them are up for the same promotion and Dean was actually on his way to give it to the higher-ups. On the other hand, Holly is not ready yet as her presentation isn’t until later. She’s also having a bad day as she trips into the elevator and has a lingerie issue on the same day.  While being stuck on the elevator together, they are forced to interact and eventually reveal their hidden feelings for each other.

Flash forward two years and we see the aftermath of each of their careers and also how their relationship is going.  While each are doing well in their respective positions and lives, Dean is still determined to make Holly love Christmas again after she told the story of her bad relationship with the holiday when they first got together.  It’s heart-warming to see this couple be honest and open with each other and try their best to make each other happy without sacrificing themselves too much for the other.

Overall, it is an extremely cute sugar filled novella that’s perfect to read in an hour or two. It is a little choppy as it tries to fit a lot in a short amount of pages so it would be nice if it was expanded into a full-length novel as it would be great to read about this couple more.  I didn’t read the original short story version so I’m glad I read this version with the expansion as I feel like it needed the little extra bits to make it seem like a more complete story.  It was amazing how much the author was able to fit in with each character and event given the less than 100 page length for this story. The holiday season is alive and well and will definitely put a smile on anyone’s face as you read through Holly and Dean’s journey.

3 thoughts on “Review: A Holiday Lift

  1. Sounds like a cute read and I do love that cover! But I think I always struggle with novellas because I want more “meat” and to feel more of the connection etc. I still might give this a go though if I feel like a short and sweet romance for the holidays

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    1. Agree – Novellas are hard to get into sometimes as there isn’t much story there. This one was a really cute pick-me-up to put me in the holiday spirit in-between my other reads (both holiday and non). 🙂


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