Review: Skirting Danger (Chasing the CIA #1) (RC)

Published October 5th 2020

Author: Kay Keppler

Suspended for a hunch gone wrong, CIA language analyst Phoebe Renfrew is desperate to get her job back. But when she uncovers a terrorist plot at a Las Vegas start-up car company owned by famed ex-quarterback Chase Bonaventure, no one listens to her. The CIA doesn’t care, the FBI is too busy, and the cops are too tired.

But the plot is imminent. If she can’t stop it, international diplomacy will be threatened, and Chase—and his company—will be ruined, too.

With time running out, Phoebe must nail down the bad guys, her job, and her relationship with Chase. Can she do it all before the Las Vegas All-Elvis Revue belts out the last chorus of “Jailhouse Rock”?

This book is a wild ride of zany antics that puts a smile on the reader’s face! It’s a ridiculous over-the-top tale that makes you chuckle by just reading the books description and you can’t help but giggle to yourself as you actually read your way through the events. It would make a hilarious movie, as it would be fantastic to watch the events play out on a screen of any size. I chose this book as the cover alone looked like it would be a fun read and I was not disappointed by the time I reached the end. Skirting Danger is the first novel in the planned Chasing the CIA series and I would read the rest without hesitation [I believe the next one is Skirting Disaster that was planned for winter 2020, but I do not recall seeing it available yet.]

Phoebe Renfrew landed her dream job at the CIA after they helped pay for her schooling and language training. She is a language analyst that speaks seven languages. During her first months on the job, she overheard a potential terror threat that would take place at the Empire State Building in New York. She alerts her superiors and events are set in motion to stop this potential attack. The event turned out to be a disaster as no threat turned out to be credible in the moment and led to Phoebe being suspended pending an investigation. With no place to go, she ends up in Las Vegas to stay with her mother. Here Phoebe finds herself in the mix of a crazy new adventure as she overhears another potential terrorist threat.

While at the courthouse handing out fliers to an Elvis themed wedding chapel where she now works, she overhears two men discuss, in a foreign language, their plan to obtain guns. She tries to interact with them to ask questions and they run at her threat to alert the police. Curiosity to follow through with these individuals gets the best of her and she hails a taxi to follow the two men. This leads her to Venture Automotive where she meets ex-football all-star quarterback, Chase Bonaventure. He runs a start-up electric car company after injuring himself during the previous football season.

The two men that Phoebe followed end up being members of the potential investor team at Chase’s company. As no one in the investor group speaks English, Chase enlists Phoebe’s translation ability as no one else ends up being available on short notice. Both Chase and Phoebe are also attracted to each other after they meet which creates even more potential drama in this silly tale. The cast of characters is incredibly enjoyable and the reader even reads from the point of view of one of the potential terrorists in some chapters, which adds another dimension to the writing.

Every character is ridiculous at times and the entire story seems unbelievable. However, it makes an excellent escapist novel to read when you just want light-hearted fun that has a good pace and temporarily makes you forget about the real world. The terrorism threat itself is silly in a way, but it fits well in the story and keeps the story interesting.  Reading this story made me laugh multiple times as everyone just seemed to be a hot mess in one way or another.

Overall, this story makes you almost want to eavesdrop on other conversations so you can potentially investigate a terrorist threat and go on your own detective journey, like our characters. The novel is a quick read that will make a fun series. As it is a series, the ending wraps everything up, but it still leaves some pieces open to be addressed in the future. You could, therefore, read this story as a standalone or you could continue (when the next ones are released) the series. It fits its ROMCOM genre by providing both the romantic, as well as, the comedy portions. If you take this novel with the “ridiculous-ness” it promises and do not go in with expectations that are too high, then you most likely will enjoy it as I did. However, it is not a perfect story so if this over-the-top screwball type storyline is not for you, then I would skip it. I can’t wait to read more from this author and hope the next book in the series releases soon!

**I give a special thank you to Booksirens, the author, and the publisher for the ARC (RC) to read and review. Opinions expressed are completely my own.**

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