~ Weekly Wrap-Up January 24th to 30th ~

Although Weekly Wrap-ups are typically done on Sundays for most blogs, I have decided for now to do them on Saturdays. For me, it helps me to figure out where I am for my progress on different books/posts and to help plan out the next week. If I write any reviews that are posted on Saturdays, then they will be included in the following week’s Wrap-up post.

For my weekly wrap-ups: I will recap my reviews, my other posts from earlier in the week, and also highlight any books that were released this week (if any).

This Week in Reviews:

Alert the Media (Hollywood Hotties #1)

Soul of Stone

This Week’s Other Posts:

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This Week’s Releases That I Previously Read:

Published: January 26

First Quiver

Published: January 28

Stalks of Gold

Published: January 28

What Now?

I managed to fit in eight reviews this past week, which I am very proud of as they were all good reads and I am glad that I was able to read three during their release week. I also managed to read a prequel before I read the sequel, which is extremely rare for me as I seem to read novels either out order or I just end up skipping over the earlier ones in a series. I am trying to get better about it though and read series as they were “meant” to by reading book one before moving on to the others.

I am trying to balance working down my ARC lists from all of the different sites with reducing my incredibly long TBR list, so I need to get better at planning which novels to read just to have a semi-strategy in place to accomplish this goal. I did manage to at least increase my Netgalley profile up to 62%, which is a vast improvement from my ~40ish% that it was at before. One goal for the next week, is to continue to increase that number. I know I will not be able to accomplish the suggested 80% ratio yet, but hopefully I least can get to the high 60s. This might prove to be an impossible task, but I might as well give it a try. We shall see how it goes as my ratio might plummet if I end up going on there and find myself requesting even more novels to read.

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