~ #SixForSunday: Bookish Hates (01/31/21) ~

#SixforSunday is… it’s really just that. You choose 6 books (normally) that you’d choose to fit whatever the prompt is that week. This meme is hosted by A Little but a Lot and you can follow the link to find the prompts for January to March. I’ll also post this month’s prompt’s at the end of the post.

This week’s prompt: Bookish hates

**My choices are in no particular order.**

(1) Movie/TV Show Covers instead of their originals

New Version from TV Show

(2) Characters Staying Stagnant

I am not an extremely picky reader, so I am not expecting every character to either grow significantly or experience a huge revelation. Instead, I enjoy novels that feature characters that grow at least a little or, at least show, that they are on their way to maturing/learning from past mistakes. This is especially true if this is a part of the story and, then, nothing actually happens.

(3) Very Young Children Acting/Thinking Exactly the Same as Adults

I have read many novels that featured gifted children, some as young as two. These children would speak with the same mannerisms as their adult counterparts, be able to fully comprehend complicated situations, and even use proper word choices and grammar at all times. I understand that there are children that are very bright and considered geniuses, but even they are not perfect in everything. Even genius adults are not perfect all the time, so it would appreciated if novels followed suit and at least incorporated some reality with the younger characters they are featuring.

(4) Animal Deaths/Injuries

I read one novel, unfortunately I do not recall which as I blocked it from my mind, and it was great up until the character’s dog was hit by a car for no reason (it did nothing to assist with the plot and instead the dog got hit for the sake of getting hit). Immediately, I did not care what happened with the rest of the novel. I understand that some authors write animal deaths as a way to move the plot along, but unnecessary ones are an extreme bookish hate for me.

(5) Misleading Synopses

I understand that a synopsis is there to entice a reader to pick up a book while not wanting to give away the story, but there is a balance between the two. My dislike is novels where I read a synopsis and decide to read a story. By the time I am finished, I question if I read the same novel as the actual writing and the synopsis either have very little in common or they have entirely different tones.

(6) Forced Opinions

This is a two part dislike as it applies to both authors and readers. For the author side, I do not like if I am told to feel a certain way about a character or event. The writing may point to one way or another and maybe a character expresses their opinions on something or someone, but this is not the issue. Instead, it is when the writing is forced to make you feel one way instead of forming your own opinions. I don’t explain it very well, but when you come across this type, you will know it and form your own opinion about my opinion (haha). For readers, this is when they tell a fellow reader that they will love or hate something, but do not let them form their own opinions. It is one thing to give your opinion and another to not accept that another’s thoughts might be different.

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FEBRUARY – Read it and weep!

7th – Books with red covers
14th – Favourite books/characters/authors
21st – Books that made you FEEL
28th – Books that made you cry (or almost cry if you’re not me!)

This meme was very difficult to figure out my bookish dislikes/hates. As I said above, I am a fairly easy-going reader where I give a lot of writing the benefit of the doubt. There are still items that I dislike, but not fully hate. However, these six are ones that are hard to get past for the most part. I will still pick up a book if it has a movie/tv cover, but I will attempt to access the original first. Hopefully, my writing does not sound too “ranty” and please take it all with a grain of salt as I am sure there are tons of people that will disagree with a lot of my list. That being said, I know I most likely will have some in common with others and I am very curious to see what others will list!

4 thoughts on “~ #SixForSunday: Bookish Hates (01/31/21) ~

  1. I dislike when they change the title and cover on a reissue or in another country. I have bought a book thinking it was a new one by an author only to find out I already read it but it had another title.

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