Review: The Rich Man (ARC)

Expected publication: February 2nd 2021 

Author: J.S. Ellis

Her boyfriend vanished, but moving on could be murder…

Acey left without a word, leaving Elena alone to pick up the pieces of her broken heart. Determined not to be crushed by his betrayal, she forces herself to get over him.

Never did she fathom the unspeakable darkness closing in…

Sinclair Diamond breezes into her life like an answered prayer. Handsome. Wealthy. Charming. As he lovingly dotes on her, Elena finds herself falling for him.

But Sinclair has unspeakable secrets all his own.

Men in black suits trailing them. Shady business dealings. The odd chain of events surrounding his first wife’s death. The more Elena learns about Sinclair, the more her apprehension builds. Yet when a ghost from her past reappears, Elena is forced to face a startling truth that could cost her everything.

Can she escape the web of deceit tightening around her? Or will she be the next to mysteriously disappear?

This novel lived up to its name as a psychological thriller!  The story keeps you guessing about where you will end up by the last page and entertains you throughout! One warning is that this novel ends as a set up for a sequel where everything does not wrap itself up perfectly at the end. I do not know if there will be a sequel as I do not recall seeing anything about it, so it could be a cliff hanger ending that leaves the true ending up to the reader. It was a thrilling novel that brings you in right at the beginning as we get some exposition and the darker tone is set. The reader navigates through three main characters’ lives and attempts to figure out what is real and what is not and, most importantly, how everything fits together.

Each chapter alternates mainly between our two central characters, Sinclair and Elena, and occasionally you get the point of view of Acey. The novel opens with Sinclair Diamond, who gives some exposition about who he is and also what events are setting this story in motion. As it is mainly an exposition type chapter, it did not grip me immediately into wanting to continue. The story picks up when we meet Elena Gomez in the next chapter. When I read her chapter, I was hooked to continue as I wanted to see where this novel would be going. Although I was not super thrilled with the first chapter, I understand why it is necessary as it gave background that did not be to addressed again in detail later on which helped move the story along at a decent pace. Elena just had her heartbroken when her boyfriend Acey, a charming poker player, disappeared one day without warning. She applies for a job as a dancer at a cabaret-ish club to supplement her income from her day job as a receptionist. At the club, she meets Sinclair. He is there to seduce Elena as he believes she is the key to finding Acey, who stole a large amount of money from him.

Our stories begin to further intertwine at this first meeting between Elena and Sinclair as he asks her out to dinner and she agrees.  Sinclair woos Elena with his vast wealth and larger than life living, due to him being a gangster. Over time, Elena learns pieces about the true Sinclair and has to figure out if she wants to be with him or not and also want the overall truth is surrounding his character. There is also the added addition of Acey and whether Sinclair will get his revenge or not. The story goes between all of the characters as we navigate the story to see how everything will turn out.

The writing is easy to follow and I read this in a couple of days. The pace is great as it does not drag at all. The story keeps you guessing in one way, but there are some sentences/pieces that do spell everything out, which can be either a good thing or a bad thing to a reader. For me, I wish these parts were left out as I prefer to piece each tiny fragment together and then have the big reveal later on (I enjoy both small reveals over time and big reveal at the end type novels). There is some repetition for some parts as the story is first told from one point of view and then retold from a different character’s. I both enjoyed and disliked this as I felt that it was incredibly interesting to read two perspectives on one event, but I felt it was written a little too moment for moment and felt repetitive. It is definitely reader specific though as some will love it and some will not.

Overall, this was a fantastic thriller. Elena is a very sympathetic character and she becomes the glue between Sinclair and Acey and I found myself caring about her portion of the story the most. The story picks up quickly with the different events occurring and it was nice to see the romance between Sinclair and Elena developed. There were some aspects that I would have done differently, but it is just my preferences. I would recommend this to anyone who wants an entertaining thriller read!

**I give a special thank you to Booksirens, the publisher and the author for the ARC to read and review. The opinions expressed are completely my own.**

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