~Spell the Month in Books – FEBRUARY ~

I’ve seen this on multiple blogs, including Reading Tonic, Secret Library Blog, and Carla’s Love to Read and it looked interesting. The meme originated from Reviews from the Stacks.

The rules for this one are simple: Each month you spell the month in books (Initial articles – The, A, and An – are not taken into account).

There are three ways to choose the books: you can use the books that you have already read, books that are on your TBR shelf, or you can do the option I chose and do a mix of both.

**You can click the book covers to access each book’s Goodreads entry.**

Faking It Reviewed

Enjoy the View (Moose Springs, AK #3)Reviewed

(The) Bookshop of Second Chances – TBR

Roommaid – TBR

Undercover Bromance (Book Club #2)Reviewed

Accidentally Engaged – TBR

(The) Road Trip – TBR

(The) Year Shakespeare Ruined My Life – TBR

I placed five of the eight letters as TBR books as some of them are ARCs that I will get to soon. The other TBRs are there as most likely I’ll try to get to them in the near future. Seven of the eight novels fall within the contemporary genre in someway, which I thought fit for February haha. Hopefully, I will get around to reading the TBRs on this list soon. HAPPY READING IN FEBRUARY!

14 thoughts on “~Spell the Month in Books – FEBRUARY ~

    1. I can’t wait to see what you choose! I’m still deciding on my March picks as I don’t know if I want to highlight those that I’ve already read or choose some from my TBR.


      1. I know, they are so fun!! Something a little different than the same things every month! I think that I have March scheduled already! 🙂 It was an easier one without the Y lol


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