Review: Maid for Advertising (ARC)

Expected publication: February 2nd 2021, 125 pages

Author: Susie Tate

Working as a maid on a luxury yacht certainly isn’t Urvi’s idea of a dream job, but she needs money, fast. As a student at the Royal academy, who’s been cut off by her family for choosing music instead of medicine, she needs every penny of the exorbitant fee the powerful advertising executive, Jack Bailey, is willing to pay.

So what if she thought Jack was asking her out but offered her a job instead? So what if she thought they had a connection during all those late night chats they had at the bar where she works? Jack and his mega yacht are clearly more out of her league than she realized. A bit of banter with a barmaid obviously meant nothing to him if the cold shoulder he’s now giving her is anything to go by.

Urvi can’t afford pride if she wants to survive, and, with the way her diabetes control has been lately, survival is fast becoming her number one priority.

Maid for Advertising is a friends to enemies to lovers contemporary romance novella. It is approximately half the length of a full-length novel. 

This novella is linked to the Broken Hearts series and acts as a prequel according to other reviews.  The ending, and even the beginning, all act as a standalone if you choose to just read Maid in Advertising. Our main character is featured as a secondary in her best friend Kira’s novel, Anything but Easy. This is my first novel for this author, so I am not able to judge the series overall, but I did enjoy this novella. Maid for Advertising was a cute entertaining novella that was a fun quick romantic comedy read.

Urvi is a 23-year-old, former medical student, who has started her academic career over again in favor of studying music (composing and singing). She works at a bar at night part time while balancing her school work. Her family was supportive, both financially and emotionally, during her time as a medical student, but cut off this support when she switched majors. Her and her family cut ties with each other since she switched to studying music. Everything together creates a stressful life for Urvi where she not only worries about her studies, but also her lack of finances. On top of everything, Urvi also suffers from Type 1 diabetes and struggles to find the time and money to take care of her as the NHS in her area does not cover the costs of her supplies.

While working at the bar, she gets closer to one of its frequent patrons, Jack, who owns his own advertising company. He is older than Urvi by ~ 10 years (the exact amount is not stated in this story). He is very attracted to her, both looks and personality, and tries to talk to her when they see each other at the bar anytime that he can. Our story switches back and forth between Urvi and Jack’s point of views, which means that you know how both feel about the other very early on; there is no guessing how they feel and instead the story is if the two of them will find a way to be together. Jack wants to ask Urvi out and finds the perfect time when he runs into her a coffee shop. Her vacation time lines up with his next advertising trip on a yacht in San Tropez in the South of France and he invites her along. A miscommunication occurs and Urvi is led to believe that Jack invited her to work on the boat, while Jack is led to believe that Urvi rejected his romantic invitation and chose to only come along as a worker.

There is a lot of misunderstanding that occur between these two characters, so it seems like it is obstacle after obstacle for them to try and be together. It does not help the situation that Urvi believes she needs to hide her medical condition for fear it will affect her paycheck from working on Jack’s boat. There are many other miscommunications that occur as well and it’s entertaining as the two of them just can’t seem to find a way to express them to the other so they both are on the same page. There are hijinks that occur on the boat, which is just chaos at times for our characters.

Urvi and Jack were cute together and had great banter. Urvi’s personality is more outspoken, which balances Jack’s slightly more reserved personality. As this is a novella, there are times where you wish that there were more details added as it would be great to have them build up to their feelings a little more. You do still get immersed in the story and characters, but there are times that you wish for more. The story flows well and it was very entertaining as the characters are a lot more outgoing than a lot of other stories. Overall, it is great for anyone who want a fun and humorous romance read that is short enough to read in an hour or two!

**I give a special thank you to the author, the publisher, and Booksprout for the ARC to read and review. The opinions expressed are completely my own.**

4 thoughts on “Review: Maid for Advertising (ARC)

  1. Maid in advertising makes me put myself in the position of the protagonist. Though I haven’t switches careers, but I am a university student pursuing Advertising. Hehe

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