Review: Healed with a Kiss (Cat’s Paw Cove#20) (ARC)

Expected publication: February 9th 2021

Author: Sharon Buchbinder

Brendan Redbird is a man of science and a medical professional. When this very uptight, predictable guy is adopted by a naughty talking cat (Tom) and his two brothers (Dick and Harry), Brendan’s life makes an unpredictable turn.

Tom smacks a girl on the butt and lets Brendan take the blame. The only problem is the girl Tom smacked is a water nymph, Myrotessa, or Tessa for short. She isn’t about to let Brendan off with that ridiculous excuse. Tessa has healing waters and the gift of prophecy—but she did not see that coming.

When the magical felines of Cat’s Paw Cove begin succumbing to a mysterious malady, Tessa and Brendan are forced to work together to find a cure. Along the way to helping others, they fix the cracks in their hearts—and are healed with a kiss.

The newest addition in the Cat’s Paw Cove series is imaginations can go wild as it is a town that includes all types of supernatural beings together in one place. As this is the first novel that I read in this series, it seemed to have one magical being appear after another to be chaotic while still somehow making sense. You do not have to read the other books in the series to understand what is occurring in this novel. However, it would be useful as you would get more information about the area that is the setting for each of the previous additions. It is an easy read that is very fun to read as it is light-hearted and a true escape from reality, even though, it takes place in the contemporary world.

Brendan is a pain management registered nurse at a facility in Orlando, Florida. While visiting the Wetlands National Park, he instantly falls for tour guide, Naomi. The two of them share a whirlwind romance and he is ready to propose to her after only dating for a short time. However, the night he decides to propose, Brendan finds Naomi with another man and breaks things off from her. He takes a trip to Cat’s Paw Cove to visit his very pregnant with twins sister, Charlotte. Brendan believes he is in the clear with his break-up with Naomi, but she is ready to get him back at any costs. No man can resist her and will always return if they try to leave as she is a wetland nymph; a fact that is unknown initially to Brendan.

One day during his stay in Cat’s Paw Cove, he is adopted by three Sherwood Cats – Tom, Harry, and Dick. Sherwood cats are magical talking beings and Brendan is in denial that they are really talking to him as he is in denial about magic. However, little does he know that magic is all around Cat’s Cove and he is surrounded by different paranormal beings and it is not limited to talking cats! The more time that he spends in the town, the more beings he discovers, including naiads and leprechauns! Brendan meets Tessa while visiting his grandmother at the nursing facility and instantly feels attracted to her. At first, he does not realize that she is also a nymph (a water one).  Brendan tries to make scientific sense of his attraction and it is something that only magic can explain.

Naomi shows up in Cat’s Paw Cove and chaos ensues as there is a mysterious illness that takes over the town along with Tessa and Naomi both interested in the same man. Brendan is the key to bringing healing to the town, but he cannot do this unless he comes to terms with his own magical abilities. The bulk of the story is Brendan’s journey to finding out more about his magic and the struggle between magic and science. The reader also goes on the journey about which nymph, if any, Brendan will choose in the end. Overall, it is an entertaining read that borders on the ridiculous at times, but that is what makes it fun.

This story was very light-hearted and there are a few twists along the way that make it even more enjoyable. It is a short read and the story has a great flow as you move through Brendan’s story. The characters are all a delight and it would be fun to read more from this series to see about each of their stories, and other characters that weren’t included in this novel. It is a short read, which is both good and bad, as you get through everything while enjoying the novel, but there are times where you wish there were a little more backstory or details just to give the events a little bit more overall. If you’re in the mood for a fun escapist read, then this would be a story for you as it puts magic in an amusing environment where cats can talk and are “top dog.”

**I give a special thank you to Netgalley, CPC Publishing, and the author, Sharon Buchbinder, for the ARC to read and review. The opinions expressed are completely my own.**

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