~ Weekly Wrap-Up: February 7th to February 13th ~

Although Weekly Wrap-ups are typically done on Sundays for most blogs, I have decided for now to do them on Saturdays. For me, it helps me to figure out where I am for my progress on different books/posts and to help plan out the next week. If I write any reviews that are posted on Saturdays, then they will be included in the following week’s Wrap-up post.

For my weekly wrap-ups: I will recap my reviews, my other posts from earlier in the week, and also highlight any books that were released this week (if any).

This Week in Reviews:

This Week’s Other Posts:

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~ Goodreads Monday: The Forever Sea (02/08/21) ~

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~ Goodreads TBR Cleanup #5 (02/11/21) ~

~ Top 5 Saturday: Books With a Unique Format (02/13/21) ~

This Week’s Releases That I Previously Read:

Published: Feb. 9th
Published: Feb. 9th
Published: Feb. 9th
Published: Feb. 9th
Published: Feb. 11th
Published: Feb. 12th

This week all six novels that I read and reviewed were published. I am still working on The Forever Sea and hopefully will manage to finish it this weekend. I got to try a book tag this week with the Selena Gomez Book Tag which was something new for me and I loved trying to find the right books to fit with each prompt. I think I need to start getting myself some audiobooks, so I can accomplish crossing even more novels off of my TBR. My only problem is that I need to find ones that I can listen to while working (ones where I can half-listen as I need to focus on my job). If you have any suggestions, let me know as I always love trying out new books!

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