~ Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 10 ~

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Wrap-up. For these posts, I will recap my reviews and other posts from the past week and highlight any books that were published within the last week (if any). In addition, to recapping my week, these posts also serve the purpose of helping me to figure out where I am for my progress on different books/posts and to help plan out the next week. If I write any reviews that are posted on Saturdays, then they will be included in the following week’s Wrap-up post.

This Week in Reviews:

This Week's Other Posts:

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This Week's Releases That I Previously Read:

Published: Mar. 8th
Published: Mar. 9th
Published: Mar. 9th
Published: Mar. 9th

I just finished Just Like in the Movies (by Heidi Rice), which was just published on March 12th, and The House in the Cerulean Sea (by TJ Klune), which was published in 2020. I still need to organize my thoughts and put them in words, but the reviews for both will be published soon! I am still deciding on my next audiobook as I have it narrowed down to a few. I have about five borrowed from my library, so I’m not sure if I want to choose my next one based on mood or due date.

I participated in my second blog tour this week with It’s Kind of Cheesy Love Story. I also managed to read and review three audiobooks and six novels. It was definitely a good reading week as I greatly enjoyed all of them. The Spellbreaker duology came to a close and I am thankful that my procrastination put off my reading of the first novel, as I loved reading the two novels back to back!

For my other posts, I had a really good Thursday clean-up as I tossed four out of the five novels from my Goodreads TBR. I really feel bad every time I take a novel off my TBR without reading it as I want to read (or at least attempt to read) them all. However, there is not enough time in the day to give every single novel a chance, so slowly, but surely I am trying to clean it up. However, I will continue to add every single novel that I come across on other blogs or sources so I have them on my list to think about at a later time before I forget them. The second week of March has come to a close and many more happy reading weeks to come!

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