Book Review: Peak of Love (The Socialites #3) [ARC]

Published: March 15th 2021

Author: Langley Gray

Margot Fairchild is a woman with a plan. She’s ready to take over the family beauty empire JOLIE, until her dad informs her that she needs to prove her ability to follow-through before taking the helm. She must commit to something – anything – for 21 days, the time it takes to form a habit, in order to earn her chance. She has every confidence she can rise to the occasion, until she finds out she must date someone her friends choose for her. The man in question is a complete departure from her usual “type”; the handsome and injured, Luke Devereaux.

Luke Devereaux is a professional hockey player trying to keep out of the headlines due to a potential scandal lurking. His tattoos and bad boy looks overshadow his heart of gold, but he’s a firm believer that things will work out as they should, even with his career in jeopardy.

He retreats to the mountains of Colorado on a management-forced vacation while waiting for news about his multimillion-dollar contract renewal. He only has to keep a low profile until the decision is made. Then he meets Margot Fairchild.

Will Margot manage to take Luke’s laid-back lead?
Or will her need to take control sabotage Luke’s contract, and her ability to follow-through?

Although this is the third novel in the Socialites series, it can be technically read as a standalone. Similar to some other series that I read, the series features characters in the same universe while focusing on a different character in each novel. A fun read can easily be read in one session as it just keeps you interested from start to finish. Additionally, the story is fairly light-hearted while also being filled with the lesson of compromise and accepting faults in others, even if they are not how you would approach the same situation.

Margot is on a ski vacation in Aspen, Colorado with her three friends, Iris, Winnie, and Winnie’s husband Zane. The four of them are hanging out after attending a friend’s wedding. The opening of the story sets the scene for the Aspen ski town with all of the slopes and surrounding restaurants. Margot is shown to be a very organized person who has her routine in Aspen, as she knows exactly when all the activities will take place, what restaurants/bars they will go to, and where they will sit at each place. When the usual restaurant that they go to while skiing is closed for a private event, Margot’s routine is disrupted, as the group now has to try to find a new place to go to and a new place to sit, as the outside patio was full. This first kink in Margot’s usual plan sets the stage for a new direction in her life, as it will not be according to plan again.

At a pub called Zane’s Pub, no relation to the character Zane, Margot’s group meets another group of three men and the two groups interact and become friends. The other group contains, Luke, a NHL hockey player who is in limbo for his next contract. This is due to some major complications with his ex-girlfriend.  After meeting, the group keeps seeing each other as Luke and Margot have an attraction to each other and Iris loves hanging out with the other two men in Luke’s group. The story’s obstacle comes up when Margot is denied an account at her father’s cosmetics company because he does not believe she has follow-through to take on a project of this magnitude. He agrees that she is organized with her spreadsheets and planning, but he does not believe that she can see it through if the going got tough. He gives her a challenge, if she can form a new habit that typically takes 21 days to form, then she can have the account. He does not specify the type of habit needed to complete this task.

Margot discusses the challenge with her friends and they come up with the idea that her love life that gets the task. She has not been in a relationship that has lasted longer than two weeks and this would be the perfect opportunity to break this pattern. As Margot already has an obvious attraction to Luke, her friends assign her to date Luke for 21 days given that he is more of a go-with-the-flow personality, which is an opposite to her planning mentality. When Luke and Margot were first hanging out, they were photographed together and the image went public. Luke’s manager believes that dating Margot would be good for his image to the NHL during their debate to renew his contract. Both Margot and Luke, therefore, begin their relationship without being fully upfront to each other. They have an attraction to each other, but their individual motivations are the final push for them to be together and officially start dating.

As this was a very entertaining read, I would greatly be interested to read the rest of the series and see what they have to offer. The characters are a little hard to connect with, but it was difficult to tell if this was due to the story itself or if it is a bond formed by the reader when you experience the series as a whole. It was adorable reading about Luke and Margot opening up to each other and learning from the other. Luke is typically go-with-the-flow to Margot’s planner and the each get to see that there are positives and negatives to each approach to life. There are moments like those that were more realistic and relatable as people can learn a lot from each other. The only thing that was slightly less relatable was the speed to forgive each other and move forward. It is not impossible as some people are like this and forgive easily, but it just seemed improbable that both the characters would be this way. Overall, this nice and easy read brought a cute romance story to the snowy mountains of Aspen. A sweet and light-hearted read that is perfect for any fans of the genre, or even those that want to give it a try!

**I give a special thank you to Booksirens, the publisher, Bisico Press, and the author, Langley Gray, for this enjoyable ARC to read. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.**

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