~ Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 11 ~

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Wrap-up. For these posts, I will recap my reviews and other posts from the past week and highlight any books that were published within the last week (if any). In addition, to recapping my week, these posts also serve the purpose of helping me to figure out where I am for my progress on different books/posts and to help plan out the next week. If I write any reviews that are posted on Saturdays, then they will be included in the following week’s Wrap-up post.

This Week in Reviews:

This Week's Other Posts:

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This Week's Releases That I Previously Read:

Published: Mar. 16th
Published: Mar. 16th
Published: Mar. 18th

The novel, Silver Dawn Afire, was also published this week on March 16th. I will be reading and posting about it next week for my stop on its Blog Tour. This week I finished my reviews for Just Like in the Movies and The House in the Cerulean Sea that I finished reading last week. I finished listening to and reviewing the audiobooks for Fable and Among the Beasts and Briars. I have not started a new audiobook, but it might be Beach Read as I have a library loan for this one and should get to it soon, so it can pass to the next person on the list. I have a digital ebook for Namesake that was given to me, but I am unsure if I want to try and fit it in or wait for the audiobook so I can finish listening to the duology.

In addition to these three reviewed audiobooks, I reviewed in five novels. I am caught up on the Once and Future Queen series and I am anxiously waiting for the third novel! My other three were ARC reads and one of them, It’s My Party, was my first Book Blitz post. I have a lot of blog tours/blitzes scheduled for next week, so most likely I will not be able to get to other novels. I am hoping that the week after, though, I can get to some of my other TBRs as I have a lot that I want to read. It is a difficult balance to not read everything too fast as I do actually want to enjoy each read, but at the same time, I want to just read everything as there are so many good books out there! It is the true struggle that almost every other reader can relate to, so at least I am not alone. For my other posts, I had another really good Thursday clean-up as I tossed four out of the five novels from my Goodreads TBR. I still feel bad, but I know there I have to start becoming slightly more picky when choosing books to keep on my TBR. The third week of March has come to a close and many more happy reading weeks to come!

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