Book Review: Cirque du Sorcery (RC)

Published: September 2020, 454 pages

Author: Alyssa Lynn

Meddling in witchcraft can be tricky and dangerous, but that didn’t stop Raven, Izzy, and Cora from diving in headfirst. However, their early-morning practice is disrupted by nothing less than a murder! The only reasonable option is to create their own witness protection program…by joining a traveling circus.

Perfecting their act (and spells) takes less time than expected, and before long, Mystique & Magic is the talk of the nation! The press swarms in, audiences are packed, and then they see a familiar face in the crowd…the face of a murderer.

Cirque du Sorcery was a fantastic surprise as I admit that I did not start it with the highest expectations. It has definitely increased my interest in reading more from Alyssa Lynn as I loved the world and characters that she created in this novel. There is a lot of enjoyment that came from reading this as it was a good mix of fantasy, mystery, and romance.

Raven, Izzy, and Cora are best friends. They are bonded by the friendship that they share and they have an added layer to this relationship on the magic that they possess. The characters have a bond similar to sisters and I like that they became a family without being related by blood. They communicate with each other and you can trust that they would help out each other whenever they can. On one unfortunate day, they witness a murder while they working on their craft during a full moon ritual in the woods near their home. For their own protection, they must leave everything that they know and love and go into hiding. As the synopsis says, the three of them go on to join a traveling circus! They join Magic & Mystique as it was passing through and hope that they can trust in their newfound “home.”

The author does a fantastic job of creating characters that the reader cares about, no matter if they are on the villains or on the side of good.  There are a few characters that I cared about more than others, as is expected in almost all novels. Caring for the characters is one of the key pieces for me, as a reader, to enjoy a novel, and I liked that I greatly enjoyed that I at least somewhat cared for all of them.  Our three main characters were not perfect and had their own quirks, but they were a delight overall.  They have excellent banter with each other and provide excellent balance to the overall story.

The story does take a minute or two to get fully immersed as everything is introduced, but I became captivated relatively quickly and ended up reading this novel in a single sitting. The concept of the novel is really fun as I absolutely love the idea of joining a traveling circus to run away and hide out. There are a lot of twists and turns that keep the reader guessing until the end.  The magic used in the novel was fun to read about and I wish there were more scenes featuring it being used. There are spells here and there, but I wanted even more throughout the chapters.  The writing itself is very easy to follow and helped move the story along as the reader does not get caught up in certain places throughout the story.

Overall, I loved that the circus characters embraced the three witches and the general reading experience of the circus setting to be delightful.  The suspense of the three of them hiding out with the murderer on the loose was fun and kept me reading to figure out what would happen in the end. The three topics in the story (witchcraft, murder mystery, and relationships – romance and friendship) were woven together well and give the reader a little bit of everything to keep them entertained throughout their reading. Although this is currently a standalone, it would be fun to read about more adventures for these three witches!

**I want to give a special thank you to Booksprout and the author, Alyssa Lynn, for a review copy of this enjoyable novel. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.**

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