~ Monthly Wrap-Up: MARCH ~

*As the end of the month falls on a Wednesday, I am doing my monthly wrap-up in lieu of my usual WWW weekly post.*

Month three in 2021 is now wrapped up, so it is time to officially wrap-up my reviews/posts for this past month. I am now officially into audiobooks and have found a few that work with multitasking. I try to choose a book based on the other activities that I will be doing, such as a project or cleaning, and try to match them together. Most of the novels that I read this month fell within the top range (four to five donuts) which a nice indication to me that it was definitely a good reading month!

**You can access my reviews by clicking on the covers of each novel. **

Review Posts: Four to Five Donuts

Review Posts: Three to Four Donuts

Review Posts: Two to Three Donuts

Review Posts: Zero to Two Donuts


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March has come and gone! This month I managed to read/listen and review 29 novels. There are moments that feel like it is a lot and there are others that feel that it is not enough and it should have been more. I almost completed 30, but I did not quite finish my latest novel, so that one is now pushed to my April list.

This past weekend I took a break from anything online and instead chose to spend time outside while the weather is nice and almost spring-like. It put me a little behind in my postings, but, luckily, I had a few prescheduled so all I needed was to add some reviews when I finished some novels. Now that I am back online, it is time to play catch-up for my past and future posts. I also need to start planning out my April reading lists and figure out which ARCs I need to still tackle. The only ones I have semi-planned are my audiobooks as I have the Daughter of the Pirate King series and Namesake (Fable #2) that I definitely will complete this next month. I have others that are all in my library audiobook loans shelf, but I am not sure I will get through all of them before they are due.

I read and reviewed four out of five novels that I posted for my Goodreads Monday series. Royal Holiday is on my list of audiobooks, but, unfortunately, has a lot ahead of it on my list. At least with choosing it in my post, it has put the novel back on my radar, so it is now added to my queue. In addition to planning out my reading for the next month, I also have a few book tag/award posts that I need to put together. I am extremely grateful for those that tagged me in them and I hope to get to them soon! Happy reading and blogging everyone and onto April!

11 thoughts on “~ Monthly Wrap-Up: MARCH ~

  1. Your March looks like it was absolutely brilliant! So many 4 and 5 star reads! I wish that I could read as much as you haha!


  2. You had a great month! I am looking forward to a few of these books so I’m glad to see high ratings!


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