~Spell the Month in Books – APRIL ~

The meme originated from Reviews from the Stacks.

The rules for this one are simple: Each month you spell the month in books (Initial articles – The, A, and An – do not count.)

There are three main ways to choose the books: you can use the books that you have already read, books that are on your TBR shelf, or you can do the option I chose and do a mix of both.

If you want additional direction, there is an “official” prompt given by Jana (the creator – follow the link above to access her blog). For April, it is Comedy/Books that Made Me Lol (or that look like they would).

Last month, in March, I chose two novels for each letter. One list contained novels that I previously read and reviewed and the other included those on my TBR. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to read the five TBR, but they are still on my list and I hope maybe I can get to them in the next month or two. This month, I decided to take the same approach and produce two lists as I could not choose just one for each letter. I did not go with this month’s prompt as I already did a similar “LOL” list in my March book meme lists, but there a few that come to mind that would work well.

**You can click the book covers to access each book’s Goodreads entry.**

Among the Beasts & Briars & After the One


(A) Pendant for Trouble (Lady Diviner #0.5) & People We Meet on Vacation


Red, White & Royal Blue & Realm Breaker (Realm Breaker #1)


It’s My Party (Seven Brides for Seven Mothers #3) & Italy Ever After


Lost in the Never Woods & (The) Lost Apothecary


As the number of letters is shorter this month and will be for the next few months, most likely I will continue using the two books per letter method. One time, I might try the prompts, but for now I am just following the method I created in March by forming a “previously read” list and a “TBR” list. As stated above, I did not get around to the five TBR from last month, but I have hope for this month’s list. Two of them are blog tours (After & Italy) that I will do this month, one (Apothecary) is already on my audiobook loans shelf, and the other two are ARCs that I cannot recall if I requested or not. I still have a ton from earlier this year that I need to read (~25 on Netgalley alone), so I have not been requesting new ones. If I don’t have the others already requested, most likely I might just wait until they are released. We shall see how this month’s TBR portion goes, but for now those are my lists to spell out the month. HAPPY READING IN APRIL!

12 thoughts on “~Spell the Month in Books – APRIL ~

  1. There’s so many good books on here. I just got People We Meet on Vacation through Book of the Month. I forgot that I had already pre-ordered it elsewhere but I just had to cancel that. This way, I get it a lot sooner now! lol I still need to read Lost Apothecary too!

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    1. The Lost Apothecary is on my shortlist for April on my audiobook line-up. I hope you enjoy People We Met on Vacation! Tha’s excellent that you got it earlier through Book of the Month! I hope you enjoy it! I’m going to try and get to it this month, but it might be pushed back to May. 🙂

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      1. I am in the middle of Lost Apothecary and I’ve been enjoying it so far! I really hope that you do too. Yes! I am really excited. I’m planning to pick it up after I finish Lost Apothecary! 🙂

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    1. The Lost Apothecary I definitely have on my shortlist to complete this month. I hope to finish People we Meet on Vacation, but I might not get to it until May. I hope they both turn out well for both of us when we eventually get to them!


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