~ Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 15 ~

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Wrap-up. For these posts, I will recap my reviews and other posts from the past week and highlight any books that were published within the last week (if any). In addition, to recapping my week, these posts also serve the purpose of helping me to figure out where I am for my progress on different books/posts and to help plan out the next week.

This Week in Reviews:

This Week's Other Posts:

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This Week's Releases That I Previously Read:

Published: April 13th

I am slowly down slightly this week as I read and reviewed nine compared to last week’s eleven. It is still a high number, but I thought it would be a fraction higher. I know this reading streak will not last forever, but I am enjoying the chance to get as much reading done as I can. Five of my reads were audiobooks, which I got to achieve from the projects that I am working on for my job. As a lot of it was analysis, I could listen to a lot of my books while still working. My other reads were both ARCs and a blog tour, which were all very enjoyable novels, so that also helped as they were all very enjoyable.

I started this week thinking that Sundays were a good day to post my Blogger Hop answers, however, it was this week’s topic that made me change it again and place it on a Friday. This week’s topic discusses all of the weekly memes each blogger participates and I saw that I have one for every day of the week, except Friday. Therefore, I decided, for now, these posts are my new Friday line-up for the weeks ahead. I did not meet my goal of starting and/or finishing The Folk of the Air series, so I am moving it to my goal for next week. I have the three main audiobooks in my library shelf, so I should get to them soon before they are due. I have some ideas for the books that I want to read next week, but I having nothing yet set in stone. Happy reading this month to everyone and hope you all have a fantastic reading/blogging week!

2 thoughts on “~ Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 15 ~

  1. April seems to be working out for me with reading, so far. I do not expect it to last as my reading goes in waves and I just happen to be a on a peak right now. I hope your reading slump ends soon, but go at your own pace as you never know which moment (or book) will bring you out of it. 😀 Happy reading to you, too, and I hope that you enjoy any and all of these that are on your TBR!


  2. Wow, SO MANY BOOKS! That’s amazing and I’m more than a little jealous cos I seem to be going through some kinda reading funk 😂 There are a lot of books on here that are on my TBR and I’m looking forward to reading them all. I hope you have a great week ahead! And happy reading 😊

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