~ #SixForSunday: Fictional Islands~

#SixforSunday is… it’s really just that. You choose 6 books (normally) that you’d choose to fit whatever the prompt is that week. This meme is hosted by A Little but a Lot and you can follow the link to find the prompts for January to March. I’ll also post this month’s prompt’s at the end of the post.

This week’s prompt: Fictional islands you’d like to visit

April’s theme is The Viper-inspired ones. For the third week, I will try and highlight some of the islands that I would love to visit.

I decided to do something a little different for my list. Instead of selecting fictional islands directly from novels, I decided to go into the worlds of tv shows, movies, comic books, and video games. There are tons of islands that I want to visit, including those found in novels, so choosing only six was difficult. Similar to last week’s list, I am sure my mind will change multiple times from the time I finalize this post. Again, I definitely want to visit all of these islands, but my indecisiveness might want to visit others outside of this list, too.

**My choices are in no particular order. You can click on their covers to explore their Goodreads entries.**

1. Yoshi’s Island

Super Mario Bros. World

Yoshi’s Island is the first option on this list. Any Yoshi (no matter which color) is beyond adorable! I would love to visit Yoshi’s Island and be around these adorable animals!

2. Isla de Muerta

Pirate’s of the Caribbean

After watching Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl when it was first released, it reignited my fascination with the world of pirates. The Isla de Muerta has a giant cave of treasure, the Black Pearl (at least at one time), and I am sure tons of other places to explore on the island that cannot be found, except by those who already know where it is!

3. Themyscira

Wonder Woman

An entire magical island full of Amazon warriors? Sign me up!

4. Kyoshi Island

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Kyoshi Island is one of my places in the world of Avatar that I would love to visit. I chose Kyoshi Island as Kyoshi was an amazing Avatar and I still need to actually read her duology. The island contains the giant koi fish, which I will try to ride, and the Kyoshi Warriors, who I would love to join.

5. Ember Island

Avatar: The Last Airbender

I honestly could not narrow down my choices for Avatar, so I had to include a second entry. The photo above sums up why Ember Island was almost impossible to resist! I would love to see the Ember Island Players portrayal of The Boy in the Iceberg!

6. Isla Nublar

Jurassic Park

The image above is enough to start the theme song playing in my head. I have visited the filming sites on the different islands in Hawaii, but that is not the same as the fictional place that features actual dinosaurs!

April – The Viper-inspired ones

4th – Books with snakes on the cover/in the title
11th – Magical books
18th – Fictional islands you’d like to visit
25th – Characters who would make great ships captains

Week three for Sunday posts in April is now complete! Now, on to the final one (number four) next week! What did you think of my choices? What fictional islands (from books or other sources) would you visit? Feel free to sound off in the comments as I also explore around to check out everyone else’s lists!

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