~ Blog Blitz: The Other Prince (Royal Connections #1) – Review (&Giveaway)~

Welcome to my post for the book blitz for The Other Prince by Alice Dolman!

This feel-good romantic comedy about love, friendship and tiaras is perfect for fans of American Royals and The Royal We.

Published April 19th 2021

After moving to London, Amelia Glendale landed her dream job as a lawyer at the Queen’s Charitable Foundation. But when the queen dies, Amelia finds herself working for her longtime royal crush, Prince Leo – and his stuffy older brother Prince Edmund. 

Charismatic Prince Leo was once known for his hard-partying ways, but has settled down and thrown himself into a life of philanthropy. He’s Amelia’s perfect man and she’s sure they’d get along if she wasn’t too star-struck to speak to him. 

Prince Edmund has always been the sensible brother and dutiful heir, until a scandal of epic proportions leaves his reputation in tatters. With his comfortable existence disrupted, he sees a chance to build a life and relationship where he is more than just his position. 

Thrown into the princes’ orbit, Amelia discover that maybe the perfect man for her isn’t the prince she expected. Will Amelia get her fairytale ending, or will the pressures of life in the spotlight be too much to bear? 

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Hi! I’m Alice. I’m so glad you’re here.

I write funny stories about people falling in love. Mainly princes and princesses because I’m a bit of a royal family tragic. Also because writing about royalty is the closest I’ll ever come to wearing a tiara that isn’t made of plastic.

I live in Australia with my husband and three small humans. In my seventeen seconds of free time each day I love reading romantic comedies, watching cheesy Netflix movies and baking cakes which I absolutely do not eat most of myself.

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The Other Prince is the first novel in the new Royal Connections series. For me, I expected this to me a series with the same world and a focus on a different character for each novel. Therefore, it better for other readers to be cautioned that this novel does end on a cliffhanger and the same characters will be featured in the next novel. For me, it was just a surprise as I am used to a series, especially in this genre, to end and then the next one will start with a new story that features one of the characters used in the previous. This story though was captivating enough, though, that I do not mind another featuring the same set of characters and I am anxious to see what will happen to them next.

The general premise is just a nice escapism as a commoner gets a chance at love with a royal. In this case, the royals are the British monarchy. The set-up mirrors reality with name and personality changes as there are, in fact, two princes with the older more responsible one and the younger one that partied, but seems to be more subdued recently. It is very similar to the real princes of William and Harry. Based on the real ones, I never once, even for a second, dreamed of being with either as they just are not my type. Now, the two in the story are described at least sounded more my style, so I can see where the main character is coming from with her initial crush on at least one of them.

Amelia Glendale is a successful attorney from Australia, who moved to England to pursue her dream of working for the royal family. She is a part of the team that heads the Queen’s Charitable Foundation. Since she was younger, she has loved the royal family and has a huge crush on the youngest prince, Leo. After the queen’s unfortunate passing (the story starts in July 2021, so hopefully that is not a prediction of the future given that Prince Phillip just passed away and July is not too far off), Amelia is now tasked with working with her crush, Leo, and his older brother, Edmund. Here she gets her chance to meet Leo and start to get to know him, but he might not be the dream guy that she thought he was and maybe Edmund might not be the closed off person he seemed to be either.

The romance is a “forced” proximity as Amelia and Edmund are put together to share an office space where they begin to get to know each other. For me, I enjoy this type of romance as it is very relatable. Even for general friendships, being “forced” together with another creates an environment for you to interact with another whereas you might not have in another situation. The compatibility is still a huge factor, but at least you would give the other person a chance in this type of environment. I loved the two of them getting to know each other with just general conversation. They were well-suited, but they did not automatically jump into a relationship and worked on a friendship first.

I loved the side characters of Lucy and Emma as they provided a lot of levity and general enjoyment every time they were mentioned. I am unsure of Amelia’s friend Penny as I feel that she made a lot of mistakes that were made consciously and I feel that they weren’t dealt with enough. It is difficult to describe without spoiling portions as even the smallest reasoning could give a portion of the story away. I am hoping that she gets better in the next story, though, as I just found her to be an okay friend in this one, but not the amazing one that she was supposed to be.

This story was very cute and an gratifying experience where you walk away from this one ready to pick up the next one in the series. I do wish that Leo’s part was drawn out a little more when he and Amelia first meet. I feel that Amelia had this crush on Leo forever, but he was a jerk once at their very first meeting and she decided to move on. For most people with her level of a celebrity crush, it just did not seem like a realistic transition before she just let it go. I did not need for Leo to suddenly become perfect, but I just wanted a little more on Amelia’s side to get over him. Overall, I am excited to see what the next novel brings as I want to learn more about all the characters and also see how everything will unfold after the cliffhanger ending. A very fun and charming novel!

**I give a special thank you to Giselle with Xpresso Book Tours for the opportunity to participate in this book blitz with this enjoyable novel from the author, Alice Dolman. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.**

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