~ Monthly Wrap-Up: APRIL ~

As the end of the month fell on a Friday (yesterday), I decided to post my monthly wrap-up today instead of my usual Weekly Wrap-up.

Month four in 2021 is now wrapped up, so it is time to officially gather my reviews/posts for this past month. I’ve been keeping up with my audiobooks and they have helped me tremendously with balancing my ARCs (ebooks or paperback) with my back-log. Without audiobooks, I would not get to almost all of my back-log and would be a lot more behind in my reading. Most of the novels that I read this month fell within the top range (four to five donuts) which a nice indication to me that it was definitely a good reading month! I have no idea if I am “too nice” with my ratings, but they are definitely ones that I enjoyed and are ones that I would read again!

**You can access my reviews by clicking on the covers of each novel. **

Review Posts: Four to Five Donuts

Review Posts: Three to Four Donuts

Review Posts: Two to Three Donuts

Review Posts: Zero to Two Donuts


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Book Blogger Hop Posts:

My Top 5 Saturday Posts:

My Weekly Wrap-Up Posts:

Spell the Month in Books:


April is over already! arch has come and gone! This month I completed 47 novels with a mix of audiobooks, novellas, and novels. I was lucky enough to be in a nice reading centric mood this month and I was excited to dive into my next read. I am not sure if this trend will continue in May, but it was nice to read a great mix of entertaining books last month.

I have about 10(?) blog tours in May for a lot of books that I am excited to read, although I have not started any of them yet. Aside from those novels, I am not sure what else I will read. Aside from my reading, I do want to update my Book Review page. Right now I have a long list, but I am trying to think of another way to list them or add a secondary list by author or series. Another update I hope to accomplish in May is to update my “About Me” page. Another goal is to actually get around to creating my Book Tag and Blog Award posts. I have a list of them that I am excited to complete, so now I need to actually write them. Finally, I’ll have another media break in May, just like I did in April, but my hope to try and prewrite at least some posts as I greatly enjoy making them.

That is it for April, so now it is time to move on to my reading and blog posts for May! Happy reading and blogging everyone!

5 thoughts on “~ Monthly Wrap-Up: APRIL ~

    1. Audiobooks are one of the main reasons I can get through so many per week. If I’ve doing tasks, like data analysis for my job or chores, it’s nice to have something going on in the background and audiobooks are perfect. 🙂


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