Book Review: Lady August (ARC)

Published March 30th 2021

Author: Becky Michaels

August Summer thinks she is a nobody until a London solicitor barges into her employer’s drawing room, revealing not only is she the daughter of an earl but a wealthy heiress as well. Optimistic about a new life, she travels to her ancestral home of Linfield Hall, only for her brother to banish her to London to live with her aunt, a dowager duchess with a reputation.

When Lord Bolton asks him to fetch his illegitimate daughter, solicitor Samuel Brooks does not expect himself to become so invested in the young woman’s debut after wanting nothing to do with dinners and balls before. But as August navigates her way through this new world of the British aristocracy, Brooks is the one who is most dazzled by her unexpected charms.

Since society demands every young girl must marry, August decides she will accept nothing less than someone’s heart in exchange for possession of her newfound fortune. Forced to reexamine his negative views of love and marriage or lose August forever, Brooks soon realizes his heart is the only thing in danger of becoming possessed. 

Lady August was a very cute and enjoyable Regency historical romance. It was a captivating story that was very difficult to put down. Like with most stories, there are some historical inaccuracies, but, for me, I did not care as it is not the reason I pick up these novels in the first place. It’s a fun escape read where two characters have two backgrounds and views on the world

August Summer goes through her version of rags to riches story. She was raised in an orphanage paid for by a person that she never met. When she turns eighteen, she is placed as a governess to live out the rest of her days. She is content with this life and bonds with the two girls she is in charge of at her new home.  One day a Mr. Samuel Brooks shows up at her door and informs her that she is the daughter of Lord Bolton and his unnamed mistress. As Lord Bolton is on his deathbed, he has requested August to come visit so give her an inheritance. August reluctantly goes with Mr. Brooks and her transition to life of a Lady begins.

Samuel Brooks is a solicitor that took over his father’s practice after he passed. Due to his rocky past, he is committed to remain a bachelor forever. He has an instant attraction to August, but knows that not only can he not act on it since he does not wish to marry, but they will not be from the same class after she becomes a lady. Samuel’s past is intertwined with the Boltons as he spent many days during his childhood at their house. All the main characters end up being intertwined, which helped create an added layer of drama to the story.

Although August’s new half-sister, Rosamund, is open to the idea of a new family member, Lady Bolton and Charles (the son) are not interested. Samuel, therefore, feels protective of August due to his attraction and ends up sticking around to assist her anyway that he can. Eventually, the story transitions to London where August comes to live with Charles and Rosamund’s aunt, the Dowager Duchess. Here August learns the ways of the Ton and will begin her first Season as a lady. The story itself has its own drama that comes from August’s new life and I found myself knowing what will happen, but anxious to keep reading every word. Both August and Samuel were good main characters that were cute together and obviously wanted to end up together despite all the obstacles that stood in their way. August has her stubborn and rebellious side as she transitions from a more free existence to a society-one filled with endless rules.

This story was very entertaining as it the writing was simple yet enjoyable. The pacing is slower for most of the book as the tension builds and all the characters are described. I do wish a little more time was spent on the climax as it felt rushed before it transitioned to the latter portion, but it did not take away from my enjoyment. I would love a separate story focused on Rosamund as I loved her side story and would love to see the overall picture of her life. Additionally, I think a whole story surrounding the life of the scandalous Dowager Duchess would be very entertaining. A very fun story that’s a great escape read to the Regency era.

**I want to give a special thank you to BookSirens and the author, Becky Michaels, for a review copy of this entertaining and enjoyable novel. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.**

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