Book Review: Apple of Fate (Gods Among Us #1) (ARC)

Expected publication: May 6th 2021

Author: Elle Beaumont

Acontius desires the one thing in life he can’t have—a soul mate. Raised by the Greek goddess, Artemis, Acontius swore an oath to serve her for eternity, and abstain from love.Centuries later, when Olympus has fallen, and the gods live amongst humankind, Acontius discovers a young woman who mirrors his loneliness and longing. Throwing caution to the wind, he tosses an apple at her feet, engraved with words that will bind them to one another.

Delia’s life is in shambles. She’s just lost her job, suffered through a recent breakup, and her health is declining. What she needs more than ever is a getaway trip to another country. But when she meets a playful museum worker, Delia lets her walls down for once, which unwittingly sparks a goddess’s ire.

With Delia’s life hanging in the balance, Acontius must ensure she falls in love with him—or else she’ll die, and he’ll become another one of Artemis’ hunting dogs for eternity.

Apple of Fate is the opening novel for the Gods Among Us series. Based on this novella, this series seems it will be excellent, as I love the idea of Greek mythology meeting the modern world. The story is inspired by the tale of Acontius and Cydippe. While it still features Acontius, Cydippe is replaced with a modern-day woman named Delia.

While Delia and her father are on their annual trip to Turkey and Greece, they are visiting the ruins of the Temple of Artemis. She catches the eye of one of Artemis’s hunters, Acontius, who have been serving Artemis for thousands of years since he was eight years old and eventually granted immortality. He is lonely and decides he wants someone else in his life, so who better than the woman he is attracted to and visiting the temple. Through a course of events and an unexpected vow, Delia and Acontius become bonded, although Delia is initially left in the dark.

Delia and her father return the following year for their next trip from their home in Florida. During this trip, Delia finally meets Acontius, who uses his modern day alias and the two of them get to know each other. Time is not on their side. Delia is only in Turkey and Greece for a two-week vacation and Artemis imposes a deadline on Acontius for him to have Delia love him after discovering his secret. There are multiple obstacles for the two to work through and not a lot of time to complete it.

As it is a short story, there are a lot of elements that are really rushed, so the reader does not have time to fully bond with the characters and care about their fate. Although I liked both Acontius and Delia and would love to learn more about them and see them explore their potential relationship in depth. I also enjoyed Delia’s father, but he was not featured towards the end as the story needed to focus its pages on the main two characters. I am hoping maybe he will come back in the next novel, but I will have to wait and read it to find out.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable novella that I wish was expanded to be a full-length novel. I loved the premise and characters and just wanted more time to become invested in all of it. I love the additions of Artemis, Hermes, Apollo, and Morpheus in this story and I cannot wait to see how they all fit in future novels. As a novella, it was short and sweet with a nice mix of mythology and romance. I am very curious now to get my hands on the rest of the series whenever it is created/released!

**I want to give a special thank you to BookSirens and the author, Elle Beaumont, for a review copy of this very entertaining novel. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.**

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