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I am finally creating a post for this lovely tag! When I first saw the questions, I thought this looked like a lot of fun and I greatly thank Georgia @Lost in Neverland for tagging me! Her blog is one of my ultimate go-to ones and I highly recommend everyone to check it out, if they haven’t already!


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What is your fantasy origin story? (The first fantasy you read)

I actually do not remember my exact first fantasy read.  I have it narrowed down to four novels that were all the start of a series: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s (Philosopher’s) Stone, Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and A Series of Unfortunate Events: A Bad Beginning. I am sure there might have been ones before those, but these are the first ones that I recall and I read them all around the same time.

If you could be the hero/heroine in a fantasy novel, who would be the author and what’s one trope you’d insist be in the story?

This one is very difficult as there are a ton of fantasy stories that I would love to be a part of, although, maybe not the ones that involve me being killed off. I have it between Holly Black (The Folk of the Air series) and Tricia Levenseller (Daughter of the Pirate King duology). I would love to be part of the world of the fae, yet the fun of being a pirate and siren, like Alosa, would be pretty cool. I would want two tropes – Enemies to Lovers and The Evil Overlord. I love enemies to lovers stories and I think adding in the evil overlord element so there is a common enemy to come together to defeat sounds perfect.

What is a fantasy series you’ve read this year, that you want more people to read?

I’ve read a lot of series this year, so I will choose ones that I’ve finished just to narrow it down a little. The Folk of the Air, The Once and Future Queen, and Daughter of the Pirate King are all ones that were enjoyable as a whole. None of them were perfect, to me, but I loved many elements that make these series easily placed on my forever re-read list.  [For standalones, I would recommend The Night Circus and The Stolen Kingdom, which each offer their own types of fantasy worlds.]

What is your favourite fantasy subgenre?

I am terrible at remembering all the different subgenres and identifying them, unless they are really obvious. I actually had to look-up a list of subgenres to try and identify a favorite and I could not choose. I think it would be a blend of historic, mythic, and high fantasies all put together in one story.  

What subgenre have you not read much from?

Again, I had to consult the list of subgenres to find my answer. Two that I either haven’t read before or haven’t heard of yet are Steampunk fantasy and Weird West fantasy (cowboy/Wild West type settings).  

Who is one of your auto-buy fantasy authors?

I’m not sure that I actually have any, but the closest, right now, is Tricia Levenseller. I have not read her latest release, but I loved the other four that were previously published. If this next series turns out, then I might consider having her on my auto-buy list. I loved novels by authors like Holly Black and Jennifer Armentrout, but I am not sure if I would read every single novel that they release. I think I need to read a lot more to find an auto-buy fantasy author for me.

How do you typically find fantasy recommendations? (Goodreads, Youtube, Podcasts, Instagram..)

Blogging! Through this blog, I have either been directly recommended stories to read or I have visited other blogs and found more novels to add to my TBR.

What is an upcoming fantasy release you’re excited for?

I am not sure when it will be published, but two I’m excited for is the conclusion the Malice duology and the final novel in The Aurelian Cycle trilogy!

Others that I am excited to read that were recently released are: The Crown of Gilded Bones, Realm Breaker, and Blade of Secrets.

What is one misconception about fantasy you would like to lay to rest?

Fantasy novels are not just young adult reads or just for “geeks.” They are stories filled with tons of different plots and characters and it can cross genres to be blended with more contemporary themes. Fantasy novels are not limited to just one group and can be enjoyed by any person of any age.

If someone had never read a fantasy before and asked you to recommend the first 3 books that come to mind as places to start, what would those recommendations be?

The first three that came to mind for a new fantasy reader are: Good Omens, The Cruel Prince, and Spellbreaker.

All three offer something completely different in terms of “simpler” fantasy reads to start reading. From the three, The Cruel Prince is the most complex of the three, but still is fairly straight-forward in terms of the general core plot.

Who is the most recent fantasy reading content creator you came across that you’d like to shoutout?

I think it would just be the authors and bloggers in general. I’ve found great posts all over featuring fantasy reading content, so it is difficult to pinpoint one.

I TAG: @TheCornerOfLaura, Yolanda @PastMidnight, Mandy @DevouringBooks, @AnnasBookNook, @HundredsAndThousandsOfBooks, & @ItsKoo

I loved this tag as fantasy novels are one of my top genres, so I was excited to answer all the questions. I’m sure some of my answers might change if I did the questions again, but my overall thoughts are fairly constant. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading my answers and I look forward to reading all the others. If you are not nominated, feel free to do the tag, too!

23 thoughts on “~ Get to Know the Fantasy Reader Tag ~

  1. I enjoyed reading your responses. Your review of Tricia Levenseller’s Daughter of the Pirate King is what prompted me to but it on my TBR as well as read Blade of Secrets. I can’t wait to hear what you think about Blade of Secrets because I enjoyed it a lot.

    Thanks for tagging me! It looks like a lot of fun! I’m already thinking about my answers. Heh…

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