Book Review: The Medusa Project (ARC)

Expected publication: May 19th 2021

Author: Lou Wilham

Everyone takes things that don’t belong to them.

From Medusa, it was her reputation. From Poseidon, it was his freedom.

When Poseidon is released from prison, after years of being locked away, the bodies start piling up, and all fingers point to Medusa. Agent Kyrie Alcide of the Perseus Initiative is tasked with investigating the case, and keeping tabs on Medusa. But Kyrie is about to find out that everything in the legend of the infamous gorgon might not be as it seems.

Now, if Kyrie can’t discover who the real murderer is Medusa could find herself their next victim.

The Medusa Project is a new take on the known mythology and transport it into a short and sweet mystery story. The novel takes place in the modern-day town of Lore where the Greek gods from mythology live among us. Although they are still immortal, their powers are not as great as they once was where some have less powers and others have none.

The main storyline follows detective, Kyrie Alcide, as she tries to prove Medusa’s innocence that begin to occur soon after Poseidon’s release from prison, but all signs are pointing to Medusa. Kyrie takes it upon herself to not only help find the real murderer, but to keep Medusa protected in the process. The two of them form a team that investigates the mystery and get to know each other in the process. The two of them have an attraction to each other, but the romance between them is not very obvious to the reader. It is more implied than described, which felt lacking, as they were cute together and it would have been nice to get more detail on their relationship growing into something more than acquaintances.

The story does leave something to be desired, as it is very short in length. While it was very captivating, I would have loved it to be expanded to be double in length, so I would have more time to become invested in all of the characters. There are tons of interesting ones, but with so little time with them, the reader does not get a chance to fully get to know them. Kyrie and Medusa were very fun characters and they had an excellent dynamic.

Overall, this concept would make an excellent series as there could be mysteries surrounding all of the different myths and legends. I would love a new figure of mythology featured with the detective agency as the central link between the stories. This novel was very original, as I have not read this take on bringing mythology to the modern world in a mystery setting before. It was super interesting and it was hard to put down. I devoured this story in an hour and would love to read more!

**I want to give a special thank you to BookSirens and the author, Lou Wilham, for a review copy of this very entertaining novel. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.**

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