~ The Aesthete Blogger Award (x2)~

I am excited to finally get around to answering the questions for these posts! I am extremely thankful to both the creator Ashmita @The Fictional Journal  and Georgia @Lost in Neverland for nominating me for this award! I highly recommend both blogs if you have not checked them out!

Here are the rules:-

  • Use the official logo/graphic of the award and display it on your blog.
  • List the rules.
  • Show some love to the one who nominated you!
  • Mention the creator (Asmita@ the Fictional Journal) and link it back to the original post.
  • Tell me a something about this world that you admire.
  • What is your favourite form of creativity?
  • Nominate 7 lovely people and notify them by commenting on their posts; spread some love!
  • Ask your nominees 4 questions.
  • Share something you created. (can be anything!)
  • And lastly, just so you know: I LOVE YOUR CREATIONS!

Tell me something in this world that you admire.

Something that I admire about the world is the ability to learn! People and animals all have the ability to learn and grow. Some may or may not actually do it, but the ability is there, at least.

What is your favorite form of creativity?

Hmmm….this one is difficult as I do not think I have a favorite. The two creative hobbies I like to do are cross stitch and writing!

What colour is your soul? (Ashmita & Georgia’s Question)

I actually had no idea, so I consulted an online quiz. It turns out, according this quiz, that my soul is Orange. It fits fairly well as I am mostly “yellow” most of the time, but I can have moments of being more hot headed like a “red.”

Your soul is orange!!
Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. It is associated with joy, sunshine, and the tropics. Orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation.
While you aren’t as hot headed as your red souled sisters, you are still a bit fiesty. But you can flip sides and be warm, happy and friendly like the yellows! You are your own unique combination and possibly the most out going and down to earth of the 8 colors.

Think about your happiest memory. Then tell me the book/song that you are reminded of. (Ashmita’s Question)

I am very lucky and have a ton of happy memories. Since one of my dogs is sitting next to me as I write this, I’ll go with the day I adopted him. I guess the song I would be reminded of would be My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark by Fall Out Boy as it happened to come up on Shuffle on the day I adopted him.

How do you organise your physical books? (Georgia’s Question)

Right now, all of my physical books are organized by author. As I do not have enough shelves for the amount of books that I have, I have A-L on shelves and M-Z are currently in different boxes. Eventually, I will have enough shelves for all of my books, but I might need to stop buying books first to actually catch-up.

Finish the sentence: once upon a time, there lived a turtle in… (Ashmita’s Question)

the East Australia Current, who was 150 years old! (I see a turtle and immediately think of Finding Nemo. haha)

Do you have an aesthetic? / What is your favourite aesthetic? (Ashmita & Georgia’s Questions)

To answer this question, I found a list online and there are way more aesthetics than I thought would be possible. I think I would go for adventurecore as the clothing style is more practical and, of course, I like adventure.

What is your favourite creative outlet to use? (Georgia’s Question)

I think my favorite creative outlet would have to be this blog! Right now it gives me a chance to do fun bookish memes and reviews and eventually, down the line, I would like to create my own bookish posts (once I actually have some time to create them haha).

My Nominees:

Louise @LifeInTheBookLane / Laura @TheCornerOfLaura / @DiniPandaReads / Julie @OneBookMore / Leslie @BooksAretheNewBlack / Yolanda @PastMidnight

My Four Questions:

  • If you could time-travel, would you go to the past or the future?
  • Would you rather be an author, a publisher, or work in a bookshop?
  • How would your friends describe you?
  • Aside from blogging, how do you like being creative (art, singing, dancing, cooking, etc.)?

Share something you created. (can be anything!)

Aside from this post, I cannot think of another thing that I created off-hand.

Thank you very much again to Ashmita and Georgia for the nominations! I loved answering both of your questions and creating this post. For those that are nominated, I look forward to reading your answers! (If these types of posts are not your thing or you do not have the time, then no worries!)

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