Book Review: Sky of Ash (The Sevens #2) (ARC)

Expected publication: May 25th 2021

Author: Rachel Madbury

Time heals nothing.

Rose Bishop has been dead for forty years, but her blood has never left Colin Finch’s hands. As a warrior of the Seven he’s charged with protecting the most powerful witches on earth, but he failed the one that mattered most to him.

Or so he thought.

When the case of a missing witch brings Finch back to Savannah, where his mistakes cost him everything, he comes face-to-face with his most painful regret – but she’s not dead at all. In a world where lies run thicker than blood, can Finch find the information he came for and keep Rose safe at the same time?

Rose never thought she’d see Finch again, but when she learns the reason for his return, she’s drawn into the darkness of his world and offered a chance at her own redemption; save this missing witch, and free herself from the ghosts that have haunted her for forty years.

The more Rose becomes entangled in Finch’s case, the more old sparks threaten to reignite, and Finch will be torn between his duty to his brothers and the woman he never meant to leave behind.

Sky of Ash is the second novel in the Sevens series. The main mystery of Penny’s disappearance continues and Haley’s, Penny’s sister, journey to figure out more of her powers. Although Lucas, the main Seven in the first novel, is still featured along with Haley, this novel focuses on another of the Sevens, Finch, and Rose. Their part in the main big picture story plays out in this novel. For me, it is an interesting configuration as each novel is one character and their individual journey while the main series focuses on one central plot.

Colin Finch is another Seven, who is a warrior that protects witches. He goes to Georgia to find more answers regarding the Runes, who is the demon group that kidnapped Penny. Here in Georgia, he sees Tomlin, the Legion Commander. Tomlin also happens to be Rose’s father, who Finch was very close to and believed to have perished 40 years ago. It turns out that Rose is still alive and believed that Finch abandoned her. The two characters try to reconcile after both being led to believe lies in the past. They also now work together to find out the secrets of the Runes.

While there are some questions answered in this story, there are still a lot more that are waiting to be revealed. Finch and Rose are great characters and it was great to see their whole story come together. I did miss more detail for Haley and Penny as the series started with Penny disappearing and Haley discovering her powers. There were times, aside from when the main story was mentioned, that this felt like a standalone novel. However, I still thought Finch and Rose had an interesting story and it will be interesting to discover how their story will now be portrayed in the next novel and how Haley and Lucas will now be featured.  

There is not a lot of progress in the Penny mystery and instead there are additional clues that need to be worked out. Although I was on the fence with my feelings on the first novel, I felt this one did a little more to draw me in and now the third novel cannot come fast enough. I am excited to read Tide of Darkness, which will be released in Fall 2021. My guess is this story will feature Asher as the main Seven, but I am not positive. Overall, the pacing and writing were well done and easy to understand. The series is interesting so far and I cannot wait to see how everything comes together.

**I want to give a special thank you to Book Sirens and the author, Rachel Madbury, for a review copy of this entertaining sequel. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.**

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