~ Blog Tour: Spring Siren (Boardwalk by the Sea #4) – Review ~

Welcome to my stop on the book tour for Spring Siren by Georgina Troy!

Pull on your sunglasses, spring is here!

Published April 24th 2021

When Finn Gallichan, the new man in artist, Jools Jones’ life leaves the boardwalk to go travelling for several months, she’s not too worried. She has her paintings to work on as well as keeping busy helping her grandmother run the only second-hand bookshop in the village. She’s happy to wait for Finn’s return to pick up where they left off their relationship. That is, until she decides to secretly help a new customer trace a copy of a book he wrote years before and meets his grandson, Marius Arnesen, a glass artist who, fascinated by her paintings, asks her to take part in an art exhibition.

When she begins to suspect that Finn isn’t quite the person she had hoped and Marius steps up to save someone close to her, she wonders if maybe she’s made the wrong decision…

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Escape this spring to the Boardwalk by the Sea!

Georgina Troy is a pseudonym of author Deborah Carr, USA TODAY bestselling author of The Poppy Field, Broken Faces and the Mrs Boots series.

She was a finalist in the Contemporary Romance Category of the Romantic Novel of the Year Awards 2016 (RoNAs) with A Jersey Kiss, book 1 in her Jersey Scene series.

Georgina lives on the island of Jersey with her husband and three rescue dogs and is 1/3 of The Blonde Plotters.

Author Links: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest

Spring Siren is the fourth and final novel in the Boardwalk by the Sea series. Each novel features one of four friends, Sacha, Bella, Lexi, and Jools. As the first three had their adventures in the previous novels, it is time for Jools to take center stage. Although I have not read the other three, there are pieces mentioned from the other novels. For me, I would love to circle back and read the others just to round out my reading experience and gain some more background on everyone, but I would not say that it is necessary if the reader chose to read this as a standalone.

Jools Jones is 29-year-old woman who is a very talented local artist. She lives with her grandmother and helps her run Boardwalk Books. I love the fact that the house is located as above the bookshop as that is a very enviable commute and one I wish I had! Jools and her grandmother have a very cute relationship where they greatly care for each other, but give the other their own space when they need it. They were a delight when they interacted with each other. Additionally, I loved the relationship shared between Jools, Bella, Lexi, and Sacha as they interact a lot throughout the stories and it is very obvious to the reader that they are great friends that will be with each other through thick and thin.

Jools has met a new man that has a lot of potential. It has only been a few dates, but it seems that Finn has great potential. It helps that Finn also helps out at the local gelato place, so he is a somewhat member of the community. Unfortunately, Finn has a preplanned trip with his friend abroad and will be gone for a few weeks leaving his new relationship with Jools in limbo. Although Jools is not ready to immediately settle down with Finn, the relationship is so new that she does not know how to feel about him and their potential future.

Marius Arnesen provides a slight complication after Jools has a meet-cute with him while walking their dogs. Marius is a fellow artist, a glass blower, and a sea search and rescue volunteer. The two immediately hit is off and Marius ends up offering a partnership with Jools for a new exhibit. As the exhibit will feature his glass sculptures and her paintings as complimentary pieces, the two of them will need to work closely together to make this exhibit a success. Now that Jools finds herself firmly attracted to Marius, she needs to figure out if it is worth pursuing a relationship with him, even though she is not fully sure how he feels, or try to work it out with Finn, who she has her own doubts about considering his absence isn’t exactly making her heart grow fonder.

Overall, Jools was a fun character as she wants everyone to be happy that it seemed that she did not always put herself first, even if she needed to do it. Marius was an excellent character as he was there for Jools while being respectful with her romantic situation. The art itself was described beautifully and I would easily buy both the glass work and paintings to put in my own home!  The small town is well described and I would love to live in a place like this! The story is a very light-hearted and heart-warming story about Jools finding her own happiness and the amazing feeling of having a great community to support you!

**I give a special thank you to Rachel @rararesources and the author, Georgina Troy for the opportunity to participate with this excellent and heartwarming novel. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.**

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