~ Monthly Wrap-Up: MAY ~

Month five in 2021 is now complete, so it is time to officially wrap-up my reviews/posts for this past month. Although I’ve done less audiobooks compared to last month, I did manage to get quite a few (11) in this month. Most of the novels that I read this month fell within the top range (four to five donuts) which a nice indication to me that it was definitely a good reading month!

**You can access my reviews by clicking on the covers of each novel. **

Review Posts: Four to Five Donuts

Review Posts: Three to Four Donuts

Review Posts: Two to Three Donuts

Review Posts: Zero to Two Donuts


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~ MAY~

Other Posts

May has now come and gone! I read and reviewed 36 novels this month – 11 audiobooks, two paperbacks, and 23 ebooks. Seven of them were for blog tours and the other paperback and ebooks were all ARCs, either requested on Netgalley/Edelweiss or gifted by the publishers. I have one novel, Wendy Darling that I’m about a quarter of the way through and hopefully will finish by tomorrow, which will kick-off my review posts for June.

I caught up on three nomination posts – I was able to combine my Aesthete Award answers into a single post instead of creating two. I also did the Get to Know the Fantasy Reader tag. I still have a few other book tags and award posts to create plus I need to play catch-up on the blogs I nominate for each to actually read their answers! I cannot wait to see how each blogger answered the questions as these types of posts are great ways to connect and get to know each blogger.

My brief time off in May away from the internet while camping threw off my rhythm a little, so I need to catch up on my comments, too. Additionally, time got away from my from updating my “About Me” page and to also organize my past reads; I currently have my “Book Review List” page, but I would like to add in a subsection to either organize by series or author or maybe both. Aside from the ARC that I am currently reading, I am not sure which audiobooks and other novels that I will read in June. I briefly got my Netgalley ratio up a little and then requested more, so now I need to play catch-up again to get myself to a manageable number. There are just too many good books available that I want to read them all, but I need to start having a little more self-control (or at least pretend to at some point). I hope everyone had a great May and will have a lovely June!

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