~Spell the Month in Books – JUNE ~

The meme originated from Reviews from the Stacks.

The rules for this one are simple: Each month you spell the month in books (Initial articles – The, A, and An – do not count.)

There are three main ways to choose the books: you can use the books that you have already read, books that are on your TBR shelf, or you can do the option I chose and do a mix of both.

Lately I have chosen two novels for each letter and I decided to continue this for my June post. One list contains novels that I previously read and reviewed and the other includes those on my TBR.

**You can click the book covers to access each book’s Goodreads entry.**

Jade City (The Green Bone Saga #1) & Jade War (The Green Bone Saga #2)


I completed the audiobook for Jade City in May and I cannot wait to continue the series. As Jade Legacy (#3) does not come out until later this year, I am on the fence for completing Jade War in June or to hold off until it is closer to the third novel’s release date.

Uncork My Love & Uprooted


Uncork My Love was a great read and eventually I need to get around to reading more from Rich Amooi. For my TBR novel, I went with Uprooted as many novels are compared to this one, so I am very curious to actually read it. Hopefully, I can get to it sometime in June; at least, that is my general plan at the moment.

Namesake (Fable #2) & Not Like the Movies (Waiting for Tom Hanks #2)


Namesake was a great end to the Fable duology. While this series was not my favorite, there were still tons of elements that I loved. Easily, I would read more novels by Adrienne Young. I read Waiting for Tom Hanks, what seems like, a long time ago and I have been meaning to get to the sequel, Not Like the Movies. I have heard a ton of mixed reviews about this novel, yet still want to give it a try myself. I may try this one on audiobook just to see if gives it an extra layer of enjoyment, but I am not sure yet.

(The) Ex Talk & Everless (Everless #1)


I still have mixed feelings about The Ex Talk, where I liked it at the time, but it was not as amazing as I expected. If the author releases new novels, I still would be curious to check them out. The Everless series is one that I have been meaning to try, even though there are lot of mixed reviews for both the first and second novels.

From last month’s Spell the Month, I read two of my three TBRs (The Medusa Project and Ariadne). I was not able to read You’re So Vain as the author has not made the ARC available yet. Once it is available, though, I will definitely be requesting it as The Seven Brides for Seven Mothers series is very fun, so far.

I hope to get to my four TBRs this month, but I am not positive I will be able to get them all, but I hope to at least get through most of them. We shall see how this month’s TBR portion goes as I do not have my June reads all planned out yet. HAPPY READING IN JUNE!

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