~ Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 22 ~

I finally started two series that I have been meaning to get to for awhile, The Red Queen and The Poppy War. I am doing both series on audiobook, so I might finish one and then go to finish the other. I am currently on The Dragon Republic, so I think I will finish this series first. While the Red Queen series is not as amazing as I thought, I want to stick with it to see how it turns out. Usually, I like to finish a series, even if I was not the greatest fan of the initial novels. My next work project is going to involve more field work as a biologist, so I am not sure how many audiobooks I will get to next week since I tend to listen to them at work.

My other past reads were all ARCs with two of them (Wish Hunter and For the Wolf) being the start of a series. While none of them were perfect, A Summer of Second Chances came the closest as it was just an enjoyable story that was well written. My next ebook reads are The Fate of Crowns series as the third novel will be published on Tuesday, June 8th. I have started the first novel and, so far, it is pretty good.

~ My Reviews ~

Wish Hunter (Wish Hunter #1)
ARC Review

For the Wolf (Wilderwood #1)
ARC Review

Wendy, Darling
ARC Review

Red Queen (Red Queen #1)
Audiobook Review

A Summer of Second Chances
Blog Tour Review

One Summer Sunrise
Blog Tour Review

The Poppy War (The Poppy War #1)
Audiobook Review

~ My Other Posts ~

Recent Releases

Wish Hunter, For the Wolf, and Wendy, Darling (review links above) all were published this week on June 1st. Additionally, I read and reviewed Curse of the Spector Queen, which also was published on June 1st. The other new release is One Summer Sunrise, which was published on June 3rd.

Happy 1st Saturday of June! How was your week? Did you read or do anything good?

3 thoughts on “~ Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 22 ~

  1. You have a lot of good ratings! I just started For the Wolf. I’m curious to see where the story goes.


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