Book Review: The Moria Pearls (Lady Diviner #2)

Published January 2021 

Author: Rosalie Oaks

A missing necklace, a murder, and an extra helping of plum pie…

The magical Moria Pearls are hidden somewhere in Devon, and Miss Elinor Avely and the tiny vampire Miss Zooth are on the case – but a certain washed-up selkie prince is determined to find the powerful necklace before they do.

Pearls aren’t diamonds, curse it, so Elinor’s secret gift for divining jewels cannot help this time. And the bossy Lord Beresford would rather she stay out of trouble. His lordship’s opinion holds some weight, given that they have been (almost) engaged twice now, and Elinor is hoping for a third attempt of a more lasting duration.

When a selkie’s murder disrupts the Devonwide hunt, however, Elinor is backed into a troubling corner. She might be able to find both the Pearls and the killer… but everyone still believes that Miss Zooth is the jewel diviner. Somehow, Elinor and her vampiric chaperone must maintain the façade, extend Elinor’s divining gift, and find the Pearls before the murderer does … or risk forfeiting their lives.

Who poisoned the selkie? Where are the pearls? And just why does that plum jam taste so good?

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The incredible cast of quirky characters returns for the second novel in the Lady Diviner series, The Moria Pearls. There is a new mystery to solve that was set-up at the end of the first novel and pick up shortly after the last one ended. They are all on the search for the elusive Moria Pearls and there’s also a murder to solve! The series continues to be a fun cozy mystery series set in Regency-era England with a touch of a romance story.

Miss Elinor Avely is back as the main character, which is also a jewel diviner. She lives in Devon with her mother and her brother, Perry. Although the readers were introduced to Perry in the first novel, it was great for him to get an even larger role in this story as he added a new layer of fun to every scene. Along for the adventure are Elinor’s vampire friend, Miss Zooth, James, the Earl of Beresford and spy for the Crown, and his selkie companion, Jaq. This story also reintroduces Seraphine, Jaq’s sister, who was introduced in The Selkie Scandal.

The characters are all amazing and I love their interactions with each other. Elinor is still working on finding out where she stands on any potential romance with James, while all of them are working to find out who to trust, where the pearls are, and who murdered the person from town, who may be connected to the pearls.  There are many plots that are wrapped up in this novel to make it a very satisfying read while leaving just enough subplots open to leave the reader wanting to continue the series.

Overall, this was an excellent addition to the series. I loved jumping back into this series and catching up with all of the characters. The banter and story were a lot of fun and the novel was difficult to put down. There are new dangers presented at the end of this story that will be explored in The Sapphire Library and I cannot wait to see what will happen next!

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