~Spell the Month in Books – JULY ~

The meme originated from Reviews from the Stacks.

The rules for this one are simple: Each month you spell the month in books (Initial articles – The, A, and An – do not count.)

There are three main ways to choose the books: you can use the books that you have already read, books that are on your TBR shelf, or you can do the option I chose and do a mix of both.

For each letter, I created two lists. One list contains novels that I previously read and reviewed and the other includes those on my TBR.

**You can click the book covers to access each book’s Goodreads entry.**

Just Like in the Movies & (The) Jasmine Throne (Burning Kingdoms #1)


Unwritten (The Zweeshen Chronicles #1) & Ungodly (Goddess War #3)


(The) Lost Queen (The Lost Queen Trilogy #1) & (The) Layover


Yu-Gi-Oh! Vol. 1: The Millennium Puzzle & (The) Yes Factor


If I ever become an author, I have officially decided to write novels exclusively with titles starting with “X,” “Y,” and “Z” with orange covers as finding either is rare. This way I if I ever need either for lists featuring a certain letter or color, I will always have tons of choices. I am sure there are a lot actually out there, but I just have not come across them yet.

I am disappointed in myself as I did not read any of the four TBR novels from June (The Jade War, Uprooted, Not Like the Movies, and Everless). I meant to pick them up, but unfortunately other novels kept coming up for one reason or another. With four more TBR titles, I am not sure if I can get to all eight in July, but I am hopeful I can fit at least some of them in one way or another.

My previously read/reviewed list was difficult to choose novels that I have not featured in other lists. The choice for “Y” was difficult since I only have two, right now, and I’ve recently used them. Therefore, I went with Yu-Gi-Oh, which I have not reviewed, but I did recently begin the series in May.

My TBR list was a little easier as I meant to read The Jasmine Throne and The Layover in June as they were both just published, however, I was not able to get to either. Ungodly came back on my radar during a June “Last Year I Was Reading” post where I found that I read the first novel in the series a year ago, but it somehow dropped off my radar and now I want to get back into the series to finish it. My last TBR choice, The Yes Factor, actually came up as the narrator for the audiobook portion is actually one of the narrators from the Red Queen series (I believe she was Evangeline – or it could have been Cameron).


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