Book Review: Chasing Romeo (Soul Mates in Romeo #1)

Published May 25th 2021

Author: Sarah Ready

Chloe Daniels is a starry-eyed romantic who believes in true love, soul mates and happily ever afters. So when a psychic predicts the identity of her soul mate Chloe will do anything to find him.

But there’s a tiny problem.

Chloe’s soul mate is 1 of 7 men, spread across the U.S. and she has only one week to reach him.

Out of desperation she hires Nick O’Shea, a cynical private investigator who thinks soul mates, love and happily ever afters are a load of crap.

Chloe and Nick have nothing in common. She wants her soul mate. He wants to get paid.

But on their crazy, true love chasing road trip across the U.S. Nick starts to wonder if maybe he was wrong about love, and Chloe starts to wonder if she was wrong about the identity of her Romeo.

Soon, Chloe will have to choose between her soul mate and the man she hired to find him.

Opposites attract in the first book of a heartwarming new series by romance author Sarah Ready.

Chloe Daniels is a 28-year-old hopeless romantic who live in Romeo, New York. Not only is her hometown is the Official Town of Love, USA, complete with an annual Valentine’s Day parade and an Annual Romeo Soul Mate Festival, but her great-aunt Erma is the town’s official Soul Mate Psychic. She owns a greeting card line with her best friend, Veronica, and is the card illustrator and designer. Although Chloe loves love, she finds herself doubting it after she was jilted less than a year ago. Eight months prior, Chloe was at the alter set to marry her fiancé Ron, she sensed the day might not be right when Nick O’Shea shows up as Ron’s substitute best man when his original one could not make it. The day turned out to be a disaster when Ron grabbed her bridesmaid, and second cousin, Candy’s hand and the two of them ran off to be together.

Nick O’Shea and Chloe have known each other since they were two years old. They became a couple when they were 18-years-old, but Nick ended up breaking her heart. Since then, Chloe has always been weary of Nick; however, Nick still harbors feelings for Chloe. After her wedding day, she no longer trusts herself to choose her own romantic partner and decides to put her faith in her Aunt’s 100% track record to divine her soul mate.  When Nick is in attendance at Chloe’s birthday party where her aunt will announce her soul mate, Chloe is nervous that she will name Nick. Luckily, for Chloe, her Aunt Erma says that Chloe’s soul mate is the boy she first kissed. Chloe remembers that Matt Smith is the boy she shared a kiss with at summer camp when they were nine years old. Nick is present at the party through the recruitment of Erma as he is a private investigator and has a deal with her to assist Chloe. Nick and Chloe now have a week to take a road trip to try and find Chloe’s correct Matt Smith within narrowed down pool of seven men.

The road trip takes Nick and Chloe across the United States from coast to coast to find the seven Matt Smiths. The first is in Greenwich, Connecticut, the second is just north of Chicago, Illinois; the third is in Lincoln, Nebraska, the fourth is in rural Colorado, the fifth is in Las Vegas, Nevada, the sixth is in Rachel, Nevada, and the last is in Los Angeles, California. Nick and Chloe go through some weird and interesting situations together. Along the way, the two of them get reacquainted with a growing attraction. Chloe now must see if she should continue the search for her soul mate or if Nick might not be as bad as she remembered.

Overall, this was just a fun and humorous read. The characters get into some crazy situations that are ridiculous at times. The situations may be out there, but it was interesting to see what the next event would bring. Chloe can be a bit much at times as she is incredibly head strong where she thinks only about finding the right Matt and ignores everything else around her; however, I did not mind it as it fit with the story. In other situations/stories, this trait might bother me, but it fit well in this narrative. It was nice to see Nick go from being a complete cynic to slowly open up to the idea of soul mates, even if Chloe might not be his. The entire story is a very quick read that kept me interested from start to finish. It was an adorable and humorous novel and I will definitely be checking out the next novel in the series, Love Not at First Sight!

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