Book Review: Love Not at First Sight (Soul Mates in Romeo #2) (ARC)

Expected publication: July 20th 2021

Author: Sarah Ready

When your soul mate is the man you loathed at first sight…Book Two in Sarah Ready’s Soul Mates in Romeo series sparkles with tension and a delicious helping of swoon-worthy romance.

Veronica Diaz loves her career, her friends and the great outdoors – she has no room in her life for men. In fact, she knows there are only two types of men in the world: players and wanna-be players and she wants nothing to do with any of them.

So when a psychic informs Veronica that her fated soul mate is Frederick Knight “The King of Players,” Veronica does what any sensible woman would do – she runs.

A twist of fate lands Veronica in the depths of a pitch-black cave system with a man she’s never met and can’t see. As Veronica and Sam struggle to survive they open up, share their secrets, and risk their lives for each other. Soon Veronica starts to wonder if maybe not all men are players, and maybe she can trust Sam enough to fall in love.

The only problem: Sam is actually Frederick Knight. The man Veronica swore she’d never, ever, ever love.

In fact, she loathed him at first sight.

And if they make it out of the cave alive, and Veronica sees him for the first time, she’ll loathe him again. Won’t she?

But maybe, sometimes you can only see who someone really is when you can’t see them at all? And maybe you can only fall in love when it’s not at first sight?

[Chasing Romeo #1 Review]

After loving the joy that was Chasing Romeo, I was excited to return to Romeo, New York with Love Not at First Sight. It was nice to catch up with Chloe and Nick after the first novel ended and to read a new story focusing on Chloe’s best friend and business partner, Veronica. She is not interested in love as she believes there are only two types of men in the world, players and wanna-be players, which all started with her parents’ rocky relationship. She is not interested when Chloe’s Aunt Erma, Romeo’s Soul Mate Psychic, is set on letting Veronica know about her soul mate. She tries to avoid Erma at all costs, but there was no escape and Erma announces to Veronica that her soul mate is Frederick Knight and he will be arriving in Romeo the next day after purchasing the old Reddington Mansion in town. To avoid running into Frederick, Veronica decides to take two weeks off and go backcountry camping on the nearby White Pine Trail.

Frederick Sam Knight, Jr., who goes by Sam to his friends and family, but has the public persona of Frederick Knight. Sam is ready for a change after living a more reckless lifestyle for the past five years. He is known as The King of Players, which is the press’s nickname for him. Sam spiraled after breaking up with his ex-wife, Louisa, who informed him that he was a boring computer nerd with zero personality, whose billionaire status was the only thing people liked about him. Not only did she hurt him with her words, but she also left him to marry Garrett, his ex-business partner and ex-best friend and college roommate. Ever since the break-up, five years ago, he has been spending money and having various girlfriends of the week. However, he is tired of this life and just wants to be himself, so he has decided to move to Romeo, New York and renovate a mansion.

As Veronica is hiking along the trail, she sees a man go into a cave. She worries about his safety since she is an extremely experienced outdoors person, she follows him into the cave. Things go extremely wrong when they both fall into a river at the bottom of a chasm. With seemingly no way out, the two of them set out in the pitch-black dark to try to find a way to escape and survive. The moments that Sam and Veronica share together were very cute and heart-warming. The tension of the two of them trying to find a way out of the cave was intense and even Claustrophobia inducing at some points. As the cave is dark, neither person can physically see the other and must rely on speaking to get to know the other. This was a very clever way for the two characters to get to know the other as Veronica would not speak to Sam, as she was familiar with his face from the media. There were some moments where there story felt a little insta-love, but feelings can definitely be on overdrive in a life or death situation. There is also the added tension of how Veronica will react when/if she discovers that Sam is actually the Frederick she has been avoiding.

Overall, this was a very heart-warming story with great character growth. Both characters go through a lot throughout this story and it was great to follow along their journeys. Their quest for survival was very realistic as they faced many perils that are all possible in a cave system. I liked the realism as it gave a new layer of enjoyment to the story. The two of them had to rely on each other to survive, even if they were not fully sure of the other. The experience helped moved their connection along, but it was nice how they naturally opened up to the other. This was an excellent addition to the Romeo series and I cannot wait to see who Aunt Erma tries to pair up next!

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