~ Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 29 ~

Last week I read and reviewed 14 novels, six audiobooks, three back log titles, and five ARCs. After receiving the ARC for Love Not at First Sight from the Soul Mates in Romeo series, I decided to also read the first novel, Chasing Romeo. Both were super cute novels and I cannot wait to read the third novel, which should be published late this year. For The Regency Vows series, I previously read the second novel, To Love and to Loathe, as an ARC, so I finally got a chance to back track and read the first novel, To Have and to Hoax. The series is filled with fun characters and I cannot wait to try To Marry and to Meddle when it is available. After finally starting the Written in the Stars series, my final back log title is the second novel in the series, Hang the Moon. I love this series as it is very sweet and I cannot wait to read Margot’s story.

My audiobooks were a mixed bag of new to me authors and previously read ones. I tried out the duology novels, Seasons of the Storm and Seasons of Chaos. I love the concept and the characters were interesting, but the series was not quite there for me. Another new to me author’s novel was My Epic Spring Break(up). This novel again was an excellent concept, but it just seemed to be missing something for me to connect with it. The final new to me author was Laura Layne with To Sir, With Love. The You’ve Got Mail inspired story was amazing, but I wanted more from the characters and story. A similar concept was Very Sincerely Yours that also involved letter writing. This novel was great as I enjoyed Waiting for Tom Hanks. People We Meet on Vacation was the most disappointing from my audiobooks not because it was bad in any way, but just because I think very highly of Beach Read and this one was just not quite at the same level.

For my ARCs, The Voyage of Freydis did not quite meet my expectations, but the potential was there. Mississippi Missing was very interesting as I enjoy the author’s style and cannot wait to see how the main series, Fifth Mage War ends. Men Are Frogs was an excellent addition to the Fairy Godmothers Inc series and continues to be full of joyful fairy tales. I think my top novel from the past week is A Dragonbird in the Fern as there was a lot in there. There is a lot of representation throughout the novel with both the main and side characters along with a well-written and interesting story.

Next week, my plan is to continue the Three Dark Crowns series as I want to see what happens at the end. I have a few blog tours and ARCs to read, so I should start getting those together. This week was a very reading-centric week as I reached 14 total. I don’t go into a week pushing myself to finish a certain number of stories, I have been lucky to continue being away from any reading slumps. I hope it continues as I just enjoy reading novels and listening to them on audiobooks.

~ My Reviews ~

Hang the Moon (Written in the Stars #2)

Book Review

Seasons of the Storm (Seasons of the Storm #1)

Audiobook Review

Seasons of Chaos (Seasons of the Storm #2)

Audiobook Review

To Have and to Hoax (The Regency Vows #1)

Book Review

My Epic Spring Break(up)

Audiobook Review

Chasing Romeo (Soul Mates in Romeo #1)

Book Review

Love Not at First Sight (Soul Mates in Romeo #2)

ARC Review

A Dragonbird in the Fern

ARC Review

Mississippi Missing

ARC Review

To Sir, With Love

Audiobook Review

Men Are Frogs (Fairy Godmothers Inc. #2)

ARC Review

Very Sincerely Yours

Audiobook Review

The Voyage of Freydis

ARC Review

People We Meet on Vacation

Audiobook Review

~ My Other Posts ~

Recent Releases

I have previously read and reviewed three novels that were all published this week. Two are recent reviews, Love Not at First Sight (Published on July 20th, review link above) and The Voyage of Freydis (Published on July 22nd, review link above). The final novel, Foretold, was published on July 20th and I previously read/reviewed it.

Happy 4th Saturday of July! How was your week? Did you read or do anything good?

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