Book Review: Oracle (Diana Hawthorne Supernatural Mystery #1)

Published March 13th 2021

Author: Carissa Andrews

A snarky two-thousand-year-old psychic. A missing girl case with some unexpected problems. And a flamboyant assistant who is anything but helpful.

For the past two-thousand and some odd years, I’ve been able to see the past, present, and future with near-perfect accuracy. Okay, that’s a lie. I have a big gaping hole in my own past I can seem to get clarity on. For whatever reason, the first twenty years of my existence is a complete blank and I don’t know why.

Then I met Blake Wilson.

Not only is he another blind spot—he’s also a Private Investigator hired to disprove my abilities in order to protect some missing girls they were both tasked with finding. With my psychic gifts on the fritz whenever Blake’s around, everything I’ve been fighting for starts to unravel.

And worst of all, it’s leading me to the one thing I’ve always wanted: the key to my past.

Will I be able to get over my deficiencies and show Blake how gifted I really am? Or will the callings of my ancient past cloud my judgment and derail our mission to save the girls? 

Oracle is the first novel in the Diana Hawthorne Supernatural Mystery series. It is a fun introduction into this fun psychic, Diana, as the reader gets introduced to some interesting mysteries and Diana is on a mission to continue to find out more about her past. Diana Hawthorne has been a supernatural psychic immortal for over two thousand years, although her body is permanently frozen in time at 24-years-old. To prevent some suspicion, she tries to say she is a little older at around 27. As one of Helena’s (no state specified in the story) resident psychics, she works closely with her outgoing assistant, Renaldo (Ren) Garcia. Although Ren has worked for Diana for 13 years (almost 14), he never questioned why his boss and friend never seemed to age and just goes with the flow.

During her routine appointments, clients Ted and Lacy Trundle state that their eight-year-old daughter, Esther, is missing and they are desperate to find her. Along for the ride is the couple’s friend, Blake Wilson, a private investigator. (Diana estimated his age to be mid to late-30s, but I do not recall an actual age in the story.) The two are drawn together for mysterious reasons; including physical attraction. To not spoil the story, I won’t reveal the reasons, but I do like how it all was revealed. Blake also is very mysterious to Diana as she can psychically read everyone else in the world, but she is unable to get inside Blake’s head. There is a lot of tension between them as Diana has a difficult time trusting Blake, since she cannot read his intentions. In turn, Blake is skeptical of Diana’s abilities and does not fully trust her. However, the two of them reluctantly work together because they know that they need each other to locate the missing girl.

The novel is set up as a series where there are some pieces revealed little by little, but there are still some unknowns by the end. Some parts about Blake are revealed, but there are still many pieces that are unknown about his character. Diana is similar where the reader knows at the beginning about her being an immortal and psychic, but there are still a lot of secrets from her past, including how she became one. There are other characters mentioned in passing, such as fellow psychic, Demetri, who have some pieces revealed to readers, but others are not. It is a little frustrating at times because I wanted to know how everything goes together, but I realize that this is a series, so I have to hold out hope that all will be revealed later.

 The story moves at a decent pace as the two main characters work to find the missing girl that later leads to an even bigger plot. This plot also leads to an even bigger one that helps to set up the next novel in the series. It was a great transition as it seemed to be done with a purpose and gave me hope that this author has a plan for the series and it won’t seem thrown together in the end. I enjoy when authors transition from one story to the next with a plan as it gives me hope that the loose ends will be tied up in due time and in a natural fashion rather than be thrown together just to wrap up the series.

Overall, it was a nice fun quick read that gives an introduction to the characters and ends with a slight cliffhanger that sets up the next novel. The novel ties itself into Greek Mythology, which I enjoyed and I cannot wait to see how it is further explored. Based on the initial introduction to Diana, the ending seemingly can come out of nowhere, but it does seem intentionally written this way. Some authors choose to give more hints along the way, but this author chose not to in this novel. Normally, I would mind it more, but I was not bothered by it based on how it was written. Essentially, if you are starting the series, just know that nothing is as it seems and many secrets seem to all lead to the larger plot for the rest of the series. Generally, this was an enjoyable and easy read and I cannot wait to see what the rest of the series has to offer.

5 thoughts on “Book Review: Oracle (Diana Hawthorne Supernatural Mystery #1)

  1. Thank you so much for your incredible review of Oracle! I appreciate your insights so much, and I’m excited to say that book 3 (Immortals) will have Diana’s immortality backstory in it! (Shhh, spoilers! HA!) But if you haven’t yet read The Final Five, it’s the prequel to Oracle and Amends and includes the situation that happened to Demetri. 😀


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