~ Monthly Wrap-Up: JULY~

Month seven in 2021 is now complete! Usually in my monthly wrap-ups, I summarize all of my posts from the past month, including reviews and meme post. This month, I decided to shorten it a little and focus only on my reviews. I did link my pages where the other posts can be found, but I did not list them out like I usually do.

This month was pretty crazy as I completed 53 novels (about little less than half for audiobooks). Most of the novels that I read this month fell within the top range (four to five donuts) which a nice indication to me that it was definitely a good reading month!

**You can access my reviews by clicking on the covers of each novel. **

Review Posts: Four to Five Donuts

Review Posts: Three to Four Donuts

Review Posts: Two to Three Donuts

Review Posts: Zero to Two Donuts


My Weekly Posts:

Spell the Month in Books


June has now come and gone! I read and reviewed 53 novels this month – 25 audiobooks and 28 ebooks. 12 of them were for blog tours and the other ebooks were a mix of back log titles or ARCs, either requested on Netgalley or gifted by the publishers.

I started Last Year I was Reading and First Lines Friday both in June and continued them in July. I enjoy both as they give me to write a different take on the novels that I either read in the past or ones that I want to read in the future. This month went by very fast as it is difficult to believe that we are already at the end of the seventh month. There are still more novels that I want to read before the end of the year, but we shall see how many more I can read as it depends on my mood. I did double the amount of blog tours this month compared to last, so I may slow down a little with those first. The books are ones that I would read normally, but the deadlines can be a little difficult if I have a lot I want to read at the same time. Next week I have multiple tours, but I will most likely read a few of them over the weekend, so it is not stressful. I do have a few field projects and presentations for my job in August, so most likely my audiobooks will slow down a little since I listen to them while working. We shall see though as I could read 100 books in August or I could read a few. I hope everyone had a great July and will have an excellent August!

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