~ Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 31 ~

I cannot believe it is already the end of the first week in August!

Last week I read/reviewed 11 novels. I actually completed 12, however, I could not organize my thoughts enough for the last one, so I will have to put a review together to publish next week.

I listened to three audiobooks where two of them were decent (not good and not terrible) while the other was amazing. A Season of Sinister Dreams and The Betrayals both kept me interested, but they just were missing some elements for me to consider them fantastic reads. On the other hand, I love Six Crimson Cranes, although I am nervous how the sequel will live up since some of the major plot points were solved. There are still more that were left unfinished, so I have hope it will turn out well.

My blog tour sign-ups went a little overboard this week as I completed four of them. All of them were excellent reads. The Beach Reads Club stood out to me the most of the four, but I loved all of them. Finding Summer Happiness, Cornish Gold at Summer’s End, and Escape to the Hummingbird Hotel were amazing reads, as well, and I would easily read all four novels again.

My last reads were four ARC novels. The Meeting Point is the only standalone novel and was an extremely sweet and fun story. If the Shoe Fits was lovely and I cannot wait to see the next couple and type of story that will be featured. I believe this series will be all standalones that tie together under a central theme, so it will be interesting to read the next one. The Rose and the Claw will follow a similar pattern with different main characters, however, this series is set in the same universe. My final ARC is The Curse of the Crow, which is the first novel in the Wicked Kingdom series and will be continuous with the reader following the same characters throughout the series. All of them were excellent reads in their own way and I cannot wait to read more from the authors and series.

Next week, my reading plan is try to read an ARC or two that will be published in August. I have about 40 or so from all different sources that I am going through little by little. My hope is to try to get to the ones that will be published first done before moving on to the rest, but we shall see how my reading mood goes as my TBR order could change. I have a few audiobooks that I want to get to, such as Half Sick of Shadows and The Break-up Book Club, but my current work projects have kept me from listening to my audiobooks so I will have to see if I can find time to listen to them or not next week.

~ My Reviews ~

Six Crimson Cranes(Six Crimson Cranes #1)

Audiobook Review

The Rose and the Claw (The Twin Kingdoms #1)

ARC Review

The Beach Reads Book Club

Blog Tour Review

Cornish Gold at Summer’s End (Return to Cornwall #4)

Blog Tour Review

The Betrayals

Audiobook Review

If the Shoe Fits (Meant to Be #1)

ARC Review

A Season of Sinister Dreams

Audiobook Review

The Curse of the Crow (The Wicked Kingdom #1)

ARC Review

Escape to the Hummingbird Hotel (Hummingbird Hotel #1)

Blog Tour Review

Finding Summer Happiness

Blog Tour Review

The Meeting Point

ARC Review

~ My Other Posts ~

Recent Releases

For the Love of Friends was published on August 1st. For August 3rd, there were three novels: A Dragonbird in the Fern, If the Shoe Fits (Meant to Be #1), and The Dating Dare (A Sweet Mess #2). Finally, there were two novels published on August 4th, The Rose and the Claw (The Twin Kingdoms #1) and Cornish Gold at Summer’s End.

Thank you for reading my wrap-up! Happy 1st Saturday of August! How was your week? Did you read or do anything good?

2 thoughts on “~ Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 31 ~

  1. Wow, 12 read/reviewed books a week is such a goal! I’m amazed cos I struggle hard writing even one review these days, haha 😂 I loved Six Crimson Cranes but I’m also really curious where the story will go… I’m pretty excited to read Meeting Point and If the Shoe Fits, both look SO cute! Have a great week ahead 🙂


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