~ Last Year I Was Reading – #11 ~

Last Year I Was Reading is hosted by Maria @ ReadingMaria. Every Thursday (or whichever day you choose), take your current read and compare it to what you were reading this exact time last year.

  • Which one do you like better?
  • What is different about the books?
  • Any special facts/things you want to make note of or bring attention to?

Published May 22nd 2018

Last year, I read/reviewed Beach House Reunion (Beach House #5) on August 13th. (I did not have any reviews on exactly August 12th.)

Expected publication: August 17th 2021 
Published July 13th 2021

Today, I read and reviewed two novels, one is an ARC that I received from the publisher, Redemptor (Raybearer #2), and the other is a backlog title, While We Were Dating (Wedding Date #6).

Last week I included Beach House for Rent, which is the fourth novel in the Beach House series. This week, the fifth novel, Beach House Reunion was read. It’s interesting that I read these almost a week apart. After reading through some of my initial thoughts about each, it is a good reminder that I need to go back and read more of the series. The series dates back to 2002 when the first novel was published and the seventh one was just published in May of this year.

Similar to last week’s post, all three novels are a part of a series. Beach House Reunion is the fifth novel. As there are seven novels in the series, I have only read two of them. While We Were Dating is the sixth novel in The Wedding Date series and I have read all of them. This one was close to being my favorite in the series, but I still feel a little more connected to the third novel, The Wedding Party. My final novel is Redemptor, which is the sequel in the Raybearer duology where I read and reviewed the first novel yesterday. I was a very captivating read that kept me glued to the book and I ended up finishing it in less than a day, which was my reading speed for the first novel.

Even though While We Were Dating was published in July 2021, I still count it as a “back-log” title. My other back-log title is more official for the back-log label as it was published in 2018. Typically, my “back-logs” are anything released prior to the current month, but my definition is fairly fluid and changes over time. My final novel is an ARC novel that will be published next week.

All three novels feature a lot of character growth as the characters are working through issues from their past. They all have changes in their lives that they must try to balance with what will make them happy. While Redemptor is classified as a young adult novel, the themes are relevant to an adult audience. All three novels include some kind of mental health exploration with some more prominent than others.

All three novels contain a romance element, however, Redemptor is a continuation of the relationships touched on in the first novel. The other two novels more or less build the relationships within their novels where the characters first get to know each other towards the beginning of the story and slowly become closer over time. All three novels handle the romances in their own way and were not carbon copies of the other.

Beach House Reunion and While We Were Dating are both contemporary novels set in the United States. The former is set on the east coast while the latter is set on the west. On the other hand, Redemptor is set in a fictional land in a fantasy genre setting.

For choosing one novel as a favorite, I am on the fence between all of them. All of them were excellent reads and I would easily read them all again. The novel that stands out the most to me is Redemptor as I loved this duology and easily added it to my favorites collection.

Have you read any of these books? What did you think? What book were you reading this time last year and how does it compare to your current read?

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