~ Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 33 ~

These past few weeks have been “lighter” to others as I read/reviewed 9 novels this week.

For my audiobooks, I listened to four standalones: The Rehearsals, Half Sick of Shadows, The Man Ban, and The Layover. While Layover, Rehearsals, and Shadows do not relate to other novels, The Man Ban relates to The Boy Toy as the characters cross-over. Both can be read as a standalone and Ban continued to have an enjoyable mix of humor with the serious topics and cultural tie-ins. Shadows and maybe I will re-read it down the road. On the other hand, Rehearsals and Layover were not for me.

I also completed two backlog titles and three ARCs. My “backlog” novels were Heartbreak for Hire and The Road Trip. While the Road Trip was not my favorite, I think I would re-read it and give it another chance. Heartbreak for Hire was a great read, but was a little ambitious, for me, where there were a lot of subplots to wrap up in a short time. The Witch Haven was great as it mixed the paranormal and mystery genres within a school setting. Forestborn is the first novel in a duology and I cannot wait to read the next one. The Charm Offensive was a top read as it just worked for my reading mood and I would love if this turned into a series so I could revisit all the fun characters.

Next week, I have a book blog tour, a few giveaway novels to try, and maybe some more ARCs. Aside from my blog tour novel, I am not sure which other reads I want to attempt. For blogging, I realized that I accidentally turned off all notifications, so apologies if you wrote a comment and I never acknowledged/responded to it. I need to go back through and read them as I love hearing other’s thoughts about the things I write, their general opinions, or recommendations for other reads. I still have a few book tags and award posts to put together. One day, I hope to be organized enough to get everything together, but I am not sure when that actually would be or if it would be possible.

~ My Reviews ~

Forestborn (Forestborn #1)

ARC Review

The Charm Offensive

ARC Review

The Road Trip

Book Review

Heartbreak for Hire

Book Review

The Rehearsals

Audiobook Review

The Layover

Audiobook Review

Half Sick of Shadows

Audiobook Review

The Witch Haven

ARC Review

The Man Ban

Audiobook Review

~ My Other Posts ~

Recent Releases

I previously read and reviewed Every Day in December, which was published this week on August 20th.

Thank you for reading my wrap-up! Happy 3rd Saturday of August! How was your week? Did you read or do anything good?

5 thoughts on “~ Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 33 ~

    1. Without audiobooks, I do not think I could get anywhere close to 9. This week I do not even think I’ll read 9 as every week just depends on life and lately I’ve been busier than usual, so my reading time has greatly reduced. Any reading is great though, so I think as long as I have at least one I’ll be happy! 😀


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