~ Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 34 ~

Last week has been one of my lightest in a long time with seven novels. I think August might turn out to be one of my lightest reading months of the year, which is not bad considering I have read a lot of excellent novels this month! For my job this month I have multiple team projects, so, unfortunately, it means less time for audiobooks. I still managed to get two semi-short audiobooks in this last week, which both were decent reads.

My audiobooks were Small Favors and Red Wolf. After greatly enjoying House of Salt and Sorrows, I was excited to read Small Favors. While I still favor HoSaS a little more, Small Favors was excellent and I would love to see what the author comes up with next. Red Wolf took many familiar elements from “Red Riding Hood” and turned it into a unique tale. My main obstacle with the novel was I did not connect with the main character, which affected my enjoyment. I still enjoyed the author’s style, so I will check out her next read in hopes that I’ll like the main character a little more.

I also completed three ARCs, one RC (giveaway novel), and one backlog title. Although Traitors of the Black Crown was an interesting ARC novel, I am on the fence about continuing the series the more I think about it. My other ARC novel, Lakesedge, was not a perfect read, but there it a lot that made me gravitate towards loving it and easily I would read the sequel. My last ARC, Spellbound, was amazing as I just click with the author’s style. It is part of a new collection of novels with the next one publishing in December, so I cannot wait to read it. My giveaway novel, One Way Ticket, was a lighter read, that not only introduced me to a new author, but also provided a nice balance to my other reads. How Sweet It Is was my “back-log” title. While it currently is listed as a standalone, the back of the novel says there will be a sequel featuring two of the secondary characters.

Next week, I have a book blog tour, Lil’s Bus Trip. I think my next ARC read will be A Rake Like You, which is the second novel in the Linfield Hall series. I am not sure what others novels or audiobooks that I want to attempt yet as I am deciding which ones I will try. I think my first audiobook of the week will be These Hollow Vows as I have heard a huge mix of reviews for it and I am very curious to see how I will like it. Aside from those three novels, I will have to see how my mood goes and what time allows as my schedule is busier these days, so I can’t read as much as I usually do.

~ My Reviews ~

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Recent Releases

I previously read and reviewed What’s Not True (What’s Not #2), which was published this week on August 24th.

Thank you for reading my wrap-up! Happy 4th Saturday of August! How was your week? Did you read or do anything good?

8 thoughts on “~ Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 34 ~

    1. Red Wolf had a lot that I loved, but I just could not connect with Adele. It is difficult, then, to fully love a story if you are not a huge fan of the main character. I added it to my eventual re-read list, so maybe in the future, I might feel differently. I hope you liked it or will like when you read it! 😀

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