~ Monthly Wrap-Up: AUGUST~

Month eight in 2021 is now complete! In this wrap-up, I organized my reviews (both audio and non-) by their rating and then linked to my meme pages for the other posts for the month.

This month I read/reviewed 40 total novels (15, of which, were audiobooks). While this is a lot less than the 53 I read in July, I am still proud of the amount of novels that I went through as I enjoyed most of them.

**You can access my reviews by clicking on the covers of each novel. **

Review Posts: Four to Five Donuts

Review Posts: Three to Four Donuts

Review Posts: Two to Three Donuts

Review Posts: Zero to Two Donuts


My Weekly Posts:

Spell the Month in Books


For August, I read and reviewed 40 novels – 15 audiobooks, 1 paperback, and 24 ebooks. There were 21 ARC novels and I participated in five book blog tours.

For the rest of this week, I actually have two more blog tours that I am participating in for One Last Kiss and Love on Location. Aside from the two blog tour reads, I am anxious to start the Scholomance duology with A Deadly Education and The Last Graduate. Additionally, I have multiple other ARCs that will publish next month.

For my Audiobook Challenge, I placed my goal at the 100 club (100+ audiobooks). With my 15 audiobooks in August, I actually surpassed 100 and am now at 106 audiobooks. I highly doubt I could get 94 more audiobooks complete by the end of the year, so I am challenging myself to 150 audiobooks, even though this is not an “official” level.

I hope everyone had a great August and will have an excellent September!

8 thoughts on “~ Monthly Wrap-Up: AUGUST~

    1. Thank you! It took me a long time to actually get into audiobooks, so it takes the right book to make the conversion. For me, it also greatly depends on what I am doing while listening. My top pairing is cross-stitch and audiobooks as I can balance my attention between each. 😀

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