~ Blog Tour: Will They, Won’t They? – Review ~

When life goes off track sometimes the only thing you can do is go back to where it all began…

Published September 7th 2021

Emmy Palmer is the star of Bragadon Forest, the biggest fantasy series on TV; adored by the public, living the life of glamour and luxury in London.

But when scandal strikes, Emmy must escape the city and return to her seaside hometown to lie low and wait for the storm to pass.

Emmy’s agent decides it would be a good look to star in the community Christmas pantomime, but who else could be playing her leading man but her ex-boyfriend who she may or may not have ditched to move to London a decade ago…

As the show approaches, love and friendships blossom and the real question is – Will they? Won’t they?

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Portia MacIntosh is a bestselling romantic comedy author of 16 novels, including The Plus One Pact and My Great Ex-Scape. Previously a music journalist, Portia writes hilarious stories, drawing on her real life experiences.

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Will They Won’t They is my third Portia Macintosh read and will definitely not be my last. The writing in the novels has an easy feel with stories that are both sweet and entertaining. This novel follows 34-years-old actress Emma Watson, who goes by her stage name Emmy Palmer. After she finished school, she moved from her small tourist hotspot hometown of Marram Bay on the Yorkshire Coast to London to try her luck as an actress. After other roles, Emmy landed a large role as Princess Adelina, a fairy princess, on the hit fantasy show of Bragadon Forrest, which features fairies and elves fighting for the throne of Bragadon Forrest. She acts alongside famous actor, Alex Forbes, who plays her on-screen love interest, Edrym. The novel opens to a scene of the two of them together, which was a fun way to introduce the characters and Emmy’s acting life. Unfortunately, the scene is her last one after being on the show for six seasons. Her character was killed off due to rumors that spread featuring her and showrunner, Danny Terrence. Now that her time on the show has ended, Emmy must figure out what to do next. In a turn of events, she receives word that her grandad has passed away, so Emmy returns to her hometown. It is in this location where the majority of the story takes place.

There are multiple pieces that all occur during Emmy’s visit back home. The first involves family. Emmy is close with her sister, who is two years older, Gracie. She is married to Carl and they have two kids, Oscar and Darcy. There is also Emmy’s mom, Deanna, her stepdad, Roy, and her half-siblings, Louis and Megan. Deanna’s older twin sisters, Vera and Beverly, are weaved together with the other family dynamics. There is also Emmy’s estranged father, Eric, and his wife and kids. Together, the family dynamics are all explored throughout the story. I greatly enjoyed this as there is a lot happening within this family and the dynamics between everyone is not perfect. The entire family was relatable as a more modern take on the super tight-knit seemingly perfect family. The second part of the story involves Emmy reuniting with her old school friends, Kay and Billy. Here she becomes involved in the local theatre where they want to hold a Christmas Pantomime performance to raise money. There is a lot of drama that goes into this part of the story as Emmy is coming in as an outsider with star-power, while also trying to help save the theatre. This brings in the next element, which is the romance. A member of the theater group, Scott, is Emmy’s will they, won’t they guy from her past. As she is involved in the pantomime, the two of them begin to interact more. Just like their past, nothing is simple and the romance aspect is not straight-forward. The final piece is Emmy trying to figure out what her next step will be as she is no longer on her show in London.

While there a lot of pieces in the story, everything went together well. There are some parts that I would have liked a little more closure with, such as Mike, but it was still an entertaining read. There are a few others, but, unfortunately, those would give away a lot from the ending. The novel reads like a Christmas-style Hallmark movie where the main character is on a journey of self-discovery. I loved following Emmy on her journey, as she was a very likable character that I rooted for from start to finish. The quirky ensemble cast of characters were all done well as each of them had their own journey along with fitting within the main plot. Overall, the story was greatly enjoyable and Portia Macintosh continues to impress me with her writing of feel-good stories.

**I give a special thank you to Rachel @rararesources,, the publisher, and the author for the opportunity to participate with this enjoyable novel. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.**

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