Audiobook Review: The Last Legacy

Published September 7th 2021

Author: Adrienne Young

Narrator: Suzy Jackson

Audiobook Length: 8 hours 16 minute

When a letter from her uncle Henrik arrives on Bryn Roth’s eighteenth birthday, summoning her back to Bastian, Bryn is eager to prove herself and finally take her place in her long-lost family.

Henrik has plans for Bryn, but she must win everyone’s trust if she wants to hold any power in the delicate architecture of the family. It doesn’t take long for her to see that the Roths are entangled in shadows. Despite their growing influence in upscale Bastian, their hands are still in the kind of dirty business that got Bryn’s parents killed years ago. With a forbidden romance to contend with and dangerous work ahead, the cost of being accepted into the Roths may be more than Bryn can pay.

[Fable Duology Reviews: Fable (#1) & Namesake (#2)]

The Last Legacy is a standalone novel set in the same world as the Fable duology (Fable and Namesake). While this novel can be read without reading the previous duology, it is ideal to read the Fable duology first and then continue to this one, as there are some characters and settings that cross over. The Roth family at the center of this novel is previously introduced in Namesake. Again, everything in this novel can standalone. While I’ve previously read the Fable duology, I have read a lot in-between, so this novel perfectly sets up the characters and world as if you are meeting them for the first time.

The main character of this story is Bryn Roth, who has lived with her aunt away from Bastian and the other Roths since her parents died. The story takes place about a year after Namesake in the Fable duology and features two characters from the series, Henrick Roth and his silversmith, Ezra. In this novel, Henrick sends a letter to Bryn and she sets sail for Bastian, where the story is set. Upon her arrival, Bryn realizes how much of an outsider she actually is as she does not quite fit in with the family dynamics. Bryn is part of the family’s plans, including gaining Hendrick a seat on the gem guild, so she wants to help them, but she is having trouble learning who to trust.

Even though she is a “younger” character at 18, I found her to be very balanced. Sometimes authors can write headstrong and clever characters young adults almost to the point of a caricature. I found Bryn to be excellent as she was clever and confident, but still was open-minded to those around her. On the other hand, she was not a follower and used logic when she made decisions. There is a romance that begins to develop between her and Ezra that was very sweet. Neither knows if they can fully trust each other, but their connection is apparent. As Ezra is a silversmith for the Roth family, it is a nice tie-in to Bryn, who is a Roth, but is new to the family’s world. While I liked Ezra and Bryn together, their romance, I felt, was underdeveloped as it seemed sudden when they made the switch from attraction to love.

Overall, this was an entertaining novel full of twists and adventure. While I enjoyed it, I think this novel would have been better as a duology. This way the story and characters could have been spread out over two novels and been explored in further depth. There is enough material, so I think it could have worked well.  This was a great addition to the Fable universe for those that read it and a great standalone for those that haven’t.

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