~ Last Year I Was Reading – #19 (October 14, 2021) ~

Last Year I Was Reading is hosted by Maria @ ReadingMaria. Every Thursday (or whichever day you choose), take your current read and compare it to what you were reading this exact time last year.

  • Which one do you like better?
  • What is different about the books?
  • Any special facts/things you want to make note of or bring attention to?

Published October 6th 2020 

Last year, I read/reviewed, In a Holidaze.

Published August 15th 2017

Today, I read and reviewed The Stone Sky (The Broken Kingdom #3).

To start with an easy comparison, In a Holidaze is a standalone novel whereas The Stone Sky is the third novel in the Broken Earth trilogy. Holidaze is also a contemporary novel while Stone Sky falls under the dystopian fantasy genre.

While Holidaze focuses on one story, there a technically multiple for Stone Sky. With the Broken Earth trilogy, there are multiple subplots and multiple perspectives that all take place separately, but the story comes together under a centralized big picture plot.

Both stories are difficult to compare as one (Holidaze) is more of an “easy” light-hearted read and Stone Sky is part of a more “involved” series that took me a little more active involvement in my reading to wrap my head around all of the content. For choosing one novel as a favorite, this one is difficult as I greatly enjoyed The Stone Sky, but I think I would most likely re-read In a Holidaze.

Have you read any of these books? What did you think? What book were you reading this time last year and how does it compare to your current read?

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