~ Last Year I Was Reading – #20 (October 21, 2021) ~

Last Year I Was Reading is hosted by Maria @ ReadingMaria. Every Thursday (or whichever day you choose), take your current read and compare it to what you were reading this exact time last year.

  • Which one do you like better?
  • What is different about the books?
  • Any special facts/things you want to make note of or bring attention to?

Published June 29th 2020
Published January 19th 2021
Published October 6th 2020

Last year, I did not read/review any novels on October 21st. I read/reviewed The Love Square before this date on October 17th. After this date, I read/reviewed two novels on October 24th, Shipped and Troubles in Paradise (Paradise Series #3).

Expected publication: November 2nd 2021
Published August 31st 2021

Today, I read and reviewed two novels, The Royals Next Door and The Seventh Queen (Warrior Witch #2).

For today’s post, I have five novels that are all incredibly different from each other. The one main standout is The Seventh Queen as it is a fantasy novel set in a fictional world compared to the other four that are all set in the contemporary/”real” world. The settings for all four of those novels are around the world, such as, the UK, the US, the Galapagos, St. John, and British Columbia.

There are two novels that are part of a series, The Seventh Queen and Troubles in Paradise. The other three novels, The Royals Next Door, The Love Square, and Shipped are all standalones.

While romance is a factor in some way in each of the novels, Troubles in Paradise includes other subplots and The Seventh Queen has the romance aspect in the background in favor of the main adventure story. For the other three novels, the romance between the two main characters is the central plot with other subplots mixed in.

Each of these novels all rated around the same for me (between 3 and 3.75), so none of them were quite perfect. They all were great stories and I would easily re-read all five of them. There are some elements in each that I had wishes for to make them closer to my ideal stories, but I still loved each of them in their own way. Since they are all different from each other and I overall enjoyed most similarly, it is difficult to choose a “favorite.” I think if I had to choose only one, it would be Shipped as it squeaks ahead due to its setting.

Have you read any of these books? What did you think? What book were you reading this time last year and how does it compare to your current read?

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