~ Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 42 ~

For this week, I managed to read and review ten novels.

After a nice camping vacation, it is nice to catch up on my reading and reviews. Recently, I have been a lot busier, so I have a very long list of blog related items that I want to eventually accomplish. I have some tag and award posts, general blog updates, plus a variety of other posts that all keep being placed on the backburner. Eventually, I hope to take some time to put all of them together, but, for now, I am just working on keeping up with my reviews.

Since I wanted to read my ARC for The Seventh Queen, the sequel in the Warrior Witch duology, I decided to complete The Frozen Crown first. Both novels were very interesting and I like that the romance was a smaller portion of the novel. While I love romance stories, the way it was done fit the duology well.

Three of my ARCs were all continuations of series that I have previously read. The first is Beasts of Beauty, the third novel in the Bewitching Fairy Tales series. The next one is All the Feels, which is the companion sequel to Spoiler Alert. The last novel is Love, Artifacts, and You, which is the fourth novel in the Soul Mates in Romeo series. These three series all contain novels that can be read together or as standalones although I loved all the stories in the series.

My last ARC was also completed for a book blog tour, Highland Games, which is the first novel in the Kinloch series. This one was a lot of fun to read with a nice rivalry between the characters. It was also a story written by a new-to-me author and I cannot wait to continue this series.

For my audiobooks, I completed the Forgotten Gods duology. The Midnight Lie and The Hollow Heart were interesting, however, as the are related to The Winner’s Trilogy, I wonder how they would read together. Therefore, I hopefully can find time to add in the trilogy to see how it all comes together. My other audiobooks include The Ex Hex, which will be the start of a series, and The Royals Next Door, which is a standalone. Both had characters with an excellent connection and attraction between them, but they each felt like they were missing something in different ways.

For next week, I have one book blog tour novel, Brooklyn Monroe Wants It All and I hope to start some November ARCs. I do have a previously published ARC, Skirting Disaster, that I also want to try and read. I am not sure which audiobooks I want to try yet, but I have a few that come to mind, such as, Once Upon a Broken Heart, and Serpent and Dove. I am not sure if I will complete those novels, but we shall see what I end up with in next week’s wrap-up.

~ My Reviews ~

Beasts of Beauty (Bewitching Fairy Tales #3)

ARC Review

The Royals Next Door

Audiobook Review

Highland Games (Kinloch #1)

Blog Tour Review

The Midnight Lie (Forgotten Gods #1)

Audiobook Review

The Hollow Heart (Forgotten Gods #2)

Audiobook Review

The Frozen Crown (Warrior Witch #1)

Book Review

The Seventh Queen (Warrior Witch #2)

ARC Review

All the Feels (Spoiler Alert #2)

ARC Review

Love, Artifacts, and You (Soul Mates in Romeo #4)

ARC Review

The Ex Hex (#1)

Audiobook Review

~ My Other Posts ~

Recent Releases

I read and reviewed one novel, Beasts of Beauty, that was published this week on October 19th.

Happy 4th Saturday of October! Thank you for reading my wrap-up!

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