Book Review: Skirting Disaster (Chasing the CIA #2) (RC)

Published August 2nd 2021

Author: Kay Keppler

When calamity strikes, it’s time for a sting.

Phoebe Renfrew, on leave from her job at the CIA, talks her way into apprenticing as a private investigator. Her first job takes her to Venture Automotive, an electric-vehicle manufacturing start-up, where someone has vandalized cars and stolen data.

The loss is devastating for CEO Chase Bonaventure, retired star quarterback of the Las Vegas Rattlesnakes—and the man Phoebe’s almost certainly in love with. He’s determined to stop the escalating damage before it’s too late—and convince Phoebe that their relationship is worth fighting for.

As they close in on the culprit, the thief swears vengeance—permanently. Phoebe calls on everyone she knows—including two gossipy and competitive mothers, some NASCAR drivers, a squad of cheerleaders, and a marching band—for help. When the showdown comes at the Rattlesnakes stadium, everyone is at risk. Can Phoebe halt the heist—and figure out her relationship with Chase—before anyone gets hurt?

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Skirting Disaster is the sequel to Skirting Danger in the Chasing the CIA series. It continues with the same main characters in a new zany adventure. Phoebe Renfrew is on a six-month leave from her job at the CIA. Her love interest from the first novel, Chase Bonaventure, and his company is at the center of a new investigation. Chase is a retired famous quarterback for the Las Vegas Rattlesnakes, who transitioned to a new career after his sports retirement to become the CEO of Venture Automotive, an electric-vehicle manufacturing start-up. Phoebe decides to become a private investigator as someone is vandalizing the cars and stealing the data.

It is a very fun whodunit adventure as Phoebe is on the case after she teams up with retired Las Vegas Police Department officer, turned private investigator, Dave Greenaway. As there is the upcoming showcase for Venture Automotive coming up soon, the case needs to be solved. Not only is there a fun mystery, but Phoebe and Chase continue to try to figure out their relationship. The two of them are dating, but they cannot quite figure out how to get on the same page. The antics surrounding Phoebe continue to be full of humor, especially when she decides that it is time to learn to drive. This story continues to have a similar fun vibe to its predecessor; however, there is a little more focus on an exploration into the relationships.

Chase and the relationship he has with his family are further explored in this story. It was nice to get to know them more and see them interact with Chase and Phoebe. I also loved getting to know Phoebe and Chase more as a couple. Their romance does not neatly fall into place as they have external factors to consider. I love that Phoebe is quirky and headstrong, which can get her into trouble, but she is also clever and capable of finding her way to safety. There are multiple crazy situations that give it a similar sense of entertainment from the first story and I hope it continues in the third novel. Overall, this was a very entertaining story that was a mix of mystery and romance!

**I give a special thank you to Booksirens, the author, and the publisher for the ARC (RC) to read. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.**

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