~ Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 47 ~

For this week, I managed to read and review five novels.

I finally caught up on my FairyLoot unboxings as my November box has not arrived yet. During their sale of past boxes, one of my friends bought me the September Under the Sea one and I got myself the April Hidden Identities box, which means that when they arrive I will have three more to post before it will become a monthly box with only one at a time. The books all live nicely on my shelves until I have a chance to read them and many of the items are either in use or are nicely displayed. I have a few that I still need to make space for, but, so far, I am loving the included items.

As the first round of voting for the Goodreads Awards ends soon, I put together rankings for novels in three categories: romance, fantasy, and YA fantasy. Considering that these three genres make up the majority of my reading, I was surprised that more of my reads were not on the list as many of them are highly rated and/or popular. Once I read more of the nominations, some of my rankings may change a little, so I will have to see if I want to continue this series of posts for this year’s nominations or just continue it next year.

My two ARC reads this week are The Wayward Tower, the third in The Twin Towers series, and Josefine, the first in the series of the same name. While I have to see how the sequel turns out to see how I feel about the Josefine series, I continue to love The Twin Kingdoms series and cannot wait to read the fourth and final novel when it becomes available.

As I am participating in the 20 Books for Christmas Reading Challenge, I completed both Eight Perfect Hours (technically not a Christmas novel, but it does have a magical winter vibe) and All I Want for Christmas. My next three reads, The Matzah Ball, Falling Under the Mistletoe, and Jingle Wars are all reads for this challenge.

My final novel this week was the audiobook for Gold Spun. This novel was surprising as I did not expect to like it as much as I did. I can’t put my finger on the reasons why expectations were a little lower, but I am thrilled that this read exceeded them.

It is difficult to believe how fast this year has gone as Thanksgiving is already over! There is only a little over a month to go and already it will be 2022. As the holiday season is busy with a lot of activities outside of reading, my reading amount for November and December will definitely be lower compared to other months; however, I am still satisfied with the amount and content that I am reading. While I have the three novels above that I plan to read next week, I am not sure if I will complete them and any others, but I will have to just wait and see.

~ My Reviews ~

Gold Spun (#1)

Audiobook Review

The Wayward Tower (The Twin Kingdoms #3)

ARC Review

Eight Perfect Hours

Audiobook Review

Josefine: Shadow of a WItch (#1)

ARC Review

All I Want for Christmas

Book Review

~ My Other Posts ~

Happy 4th and final Saturday of November! Thank you for reading my wrap-up!

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