~ #Bookvent 2021 – Top Reads Round-up ~

I came across this on Jen’s blog (Jen Med’s Book Reviews).

As I started this series on the 2nd instead of the 1st, I ended up with 24 novels instead of 25. All of the novels in this countdown were published in 2021 and were rated 4.5 out of 5 when I originally wrote their reviews.

#Bookvent DAYS 1 through 24

My first #Bookvent countdown is complete!

I still have a few novels that were all rated 4.5 and just missed the mark for being featured in this event, so I may put together an honorable mentions post to semi-highlight those as well.

Since it is almost the end of the year, I have my 4.75 and 5 out of 5 rated novels that will also receive posts. I am not going to do them individually like I did for this series, but I am working on what I actually want to do. I am not sure if they will be a series or just one post, so I should start thinking about that as I would like to post them before the end of the year.

As I love finding new ideas for posts, I am thrilled that I came across this one and I cannot wait to try it again next year and find some other new ones along the way. There are millions out there to choose from and, hopefully, one day I can get my creativity going enough to create one of my own.

Happy Holidays and Happy Reading!

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